Fighting retaliation? Mrs. Strzok is looking into Trump allies Backlog website execs

The Gateway Pundit reported Saturday that Byrne, the former CEO of the backlog website, was a key player in the investigation into the 2020 election issue. Byrne has provided a wealth of information to the Trump team, analyzing a large amount of data and telling people that the voting data is simply not normal.

Byrne also appeared on “The Mike File” radio show and discussed with anchor Michael McDonnell the irregularities of the Democrats placing absentee ballots in large numbers and then rolling them out for counting.

President Trump set all new records for a sitting U.S. president in the election. President Trump also won a broader victory, giving Republicans 14 seats back in the House, retaining the Senate, and picking up seats in several state legislatures.

But unlike in 2016, today, just months after the election, questioning the “results” or irregularities is not allowed because the deep state and their media allies disagree. Byrne is now being attacked by the “deep state” for questioning the “results”.

Guess who is at the SEC? It’s Mrs. Strzok! It’s the disgraced former FBI agent, Mrs. Strzok. The SEC announced in January that it had appointed her as acting director of the SEC’s enforcement division.

Strzok played a leading role in the Russia investigation that framed President Trump, and was later kicked out of the Russia investigation by Mueller in August 2018 due to the scandal.

According to Reuters, said on Friday it received a subpoena from the SEC in January requesting information about the company’s retail division’s forecast for 2019 and communications with executives and investors.

Squeeze Sites, an online retailer and investor in blockchain technology, said in a regulatory filing that they are currently cooperating with the investigation and continue to provide the documents requested in the subpoena.

Byrne was the chief executive of the backlog site until August 2019, which means he is likely to be the focus of investigators.

Isn’t this retaliation, says The Gateway Pundit?