Fox: Trump is still the leader, but 2024 Republican Party or multiple “fight”

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) being held in Orlando, Florida, is a pro-Trump gathering. Attendees were wearing “Make America Great Again” hats and many were buying souvenirs with Trump’s image on them. Some attendees also believe that the 2024 election may belong to the next generation of American political leaders, so they would like to see some new faces in the 2024 presidential field. analyzed that, perhaps because this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference was held in Florida, many attendees favored Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R). They see DeSantis as proactive and hands-on.

One young attendee, Carson Wolf, said Trump has really changed the Republican Party. He said, “Our Republican Party used to be so conservative, always following the same principles, the same standards, the same old. And Trump’s push has made us more positive about loving this country. I can imagine Trump being nominated as the Republican nominee again, but I personally would like to see some new faces, such as DeSantis and others.” He said he would also be happy if Trump ran in 2024.

Val Biancaniello (R-PA) has represented Trump supporters in Pennsylvania at the 2020 Conservative National Convention. She attended another Conservative Political Action Conference on Feb. 26. Although Trump is no longer president, I think he is still the leader, or at least the leader of our Conservative Party,” Biancangelo said. I look forward to hearing him speak on the 28th because his voter roots are still very strong.”

But Biancaynillo also thinks 2024 could be DeSantis’ Time. She hopes that DeSantis will run in the 2024 presidential election, and that Trump can play a big role in helping the Republican candidate raise money and support the candidate, because Trump’s “America First” policy is still very appealing in the United States.

She also believes that if the theme of this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference is “An America That Can’t Be Undone,” DeSantis would represent that theme well, as he is a governor who can be proactive in solving problems.

Aaron Rosenthal, a Florida native, compared Trump to former President Reagan. When Reagan left office, we didn’t want him to leave either because we don’t want to push someone out when they’ve done good things for our party,” he said. However, if I were to make a prediction, as a Floridian I would want our own Governor DeSantis to run.”

Michael Straw, chairman of the Pennsylvania Republican Party, said, “Trump is our past president, he’s definitely our leader, and at this point I think we should be looking for several leaders because he may not have to be the only Republican candidate in 2024.” He also believes that if Trump does not run, DeSantis will likely be nominated as the Republican candidate in the 2024 election.

Another attendee, Aaron Timpko, said, “Trump will undoubtedly remain the leader of the Republican Party because he has made such a huge difference to the Republican Party and he will continue to be the leader of the Republican Party.” Instead, he wants the Republican presidential nominee in 2024 to be DeSantis or Cruz.

But not all attendees held similar views; for example, Bill Maher, a well-known American stand-up comedian, said, “That big alligator just went out to sea, but it still hasn’t left. We need a bigger boat. Because it’s coming back.

There were many prominent Republican figures in attendance at this year’s Conservative Action Conference, such as Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Utah Congressman Mike Lee. And people like Cruz, Arkansas’ Tom Cotton and Minnesota Senator Josh Hawley are all hopefuls to run in the 2024 presidential primary. All three of them also delivered speeches at the Feb. 26 meeting.