After masks…80% of US vaccine needles and syringes come from China Senators shocked

After the U.S. began administering a large number of vaccines to its citizens, a senator discovered that 80 percent of the needles and syringes were from China. Senator Inhofe (Jim Inhofe) is quite shocked.

Three Defense Department officials appeared before the Senate Armed Services Committee on the 25th and spoke about the Department’s support efforts to combat the New crown outbreak. A press release and video were posted on the DoD website.

In addition to the lack of willingness to vaccinate U.S. military personnel, Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) reportedly raised concerns about the source of medical supplies during the hearing. He asked Stacy A Cummings, acting undersecretary of defense for acquisition and assurance, by name: “I was surprised to find – I think it was the U.S. Department of health and Human Services data – that 80 percent of the needles and syringes that we use come from China. ” “Is that data correct? What will you do to get back in charge?”

The paper noted that Cummings confirmed, “That number is correct.” This is because the Department of Defense assisted the Department of Health and Human Services in shipping the needles and syringes to the United States to support the vaccination program.

She went on to answer that the U.S. can and should increase domestic production of these products in the future, such as using laws and regulations such as the Defense Production Act to increase investment in the syringe and needle manufacturing industry.

The report mentioned that the media had pointed out months ago that the price of syringes and needles in China had quadrupled due to a surge in demand. The Chinese companies in question made it clear that some orders are already scheduled for August, despite the expansion of production lines. However, in recent weeks and months, they have received hundreds of millions of new orders for syringes, most of them from the United States.

This is not the first Time that U.S. politicians have been surprised by the extent of domestic reliance on Chinese medical supplies, the paper said. Back in April of last year, the New York governor said at an outbreak briefing, “We need masks from China, we need scrubs from China, we need protective masks from China, we need ventilators from China. Well, we’re past that stage and now we’re at a new stage where we need testing agents that also come from China …… How did that happen!”