Journalist unveils Facebook blocking news to cover up martial arts drug house for a year

Residents of Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, where the virus was tested at an interim testing center

Veteran national security investigative journalist Bill Goetz recently wrote an article in the Washington Times criticizing Facebook for covering up the origin of the COVID19 virus at the Wuhan Virus Institute for a year in the name of fact-checking.

Goetz reported on Jan. 24, 2020, that the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research had ties to the Chinese Communist military and was seen as a potential source of the COVID19 virus pandemic. However, Facebook blocked the story for more than a year on the grounds of disinformation. “As of today, every word of my article has been confirmed.”

The following is a translation of his full opinion piece.

When my article was first published last year, Facebook and one of its “fact-checkers” took immediate action to block my article and remove any references to it from the Internet. They flagged my article as “false” and blocked it as a “conspiracy theory.

A year later, Facebook, its “fact checkers” and USA Today all admitted that my story was completely accurate. But they still flagged the issues I raised in the article as “partially false.

A few days after the Washington Times published the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research story on January 24, 2020, I was surprised to see that the article had suddenly disappeared from the Internet.

My story quoted Dany Shoham, a former Israeli military intelligence officer and biological warfare expert who has studied the Chinese Communist Party‘s biochemical weapons program, as saying that the Wuhan Institute of Virus is known to do military work, despite the Communist Party’s denials. He said the virus may have leaked from the lab.

The article is titled “Coronavirus may have originated in a lab linked to the CCP’s biological warfare program.

The most important sentence was, “Israeli bioweapons experts say the deadly animal-to-animal transmission of the coronavirus may have originated in Wuhan, a city linked to the Communist Party’s secret biological weapons program.”

Not much was known at the Time about the origin of the virus. However, the origin of the virus in the Wuhan wildlife market was heavily promoted by the CCP propaganda apparatus and was accepted without question by the U.S. and international media. The only problem was that the Chinese Communist Party and its controlled health authorities had been unable to identify any animal hosts that had transmitted the virus to humans.

Facebook’s censorship police contacted the editors of the Washington Times at the time. They insisted that the article be removed on the grounds that it had spread false information about the virus. Facebook then referred to a “fact-check” conducted by USA Today reporter Mollie Stollino on March 21, 2020, who concluded that my article was “one of the most prominent cases of disinformation” about the Chinese Communist virus and the related Chinese Communist government “.

“There is no evidence that the virus was created in a Chinese Communist laboratory,” she wrote. She wrote. When I complained, USA Today published an update and removed the description of my article as “an example of disinformation. But the new article still argues that the theory that the virus may have been leaked from the Wuhan lab has been debunked by “scientists.

A revised USA Today “fact check” then described my article as “one of the most prominent preliminary reports” suggesting that the virus may have originated in the Wuhan lab. It went on to report that “people on multiple platforms and networks share the same or similar plots.” One of the sources used by USA Today to attack my story was a Washington Post article headlined “Experts expose fringe theory linking CCP coronavirus to weapons research.”

In the months since, USA Today has fully corroborated my story, although they and Facebook continue to smear my reporting as “partially false.

Through a series of evolving “corrections and clarifications” and quietly correcting its “fact-checking,” USA Today now admits that “circumstantial evidence suggests that the virus may have been leaked from the Wuhan lab due to a security lapse. had leaked from the Wuhan lab.”

Meanwhile, Facebook censors downgraded their assessment from “false” to “partially false,” without further explanation.

For me, a journalist who has worked in China for four decades, this is no consolation. I went from being accused of fabricating the entire story to being accused of fabricating half of it.

Facebook has repeatedly denied requests for comment.

The accuracy of my story was confirmed on Jan. 15 of this year, nearly a year after I originally posted it. The U.S. State Department released a report from the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research, which is purported to be a civilian laboratory. The report provided never-before-published evidence, albeit circumstantial, that proved the lab leak theory, but it was strong. The State Department concluded that the source of the virus could not be determined because of the extreme secrecy of the Chinese Communist Party.

The report, “Fact Sheet: Activities of the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” explains, “We have not yet determined whether the outbreak began through exposure to infected animals or whether it was caused by an accident in a laboratory in Wuhan, China.”

The fact sheet shows that employees at the Wuhan Institute had developed COVID-19-like symptoms in the fall of 2019 – before the first case of infection appeared at the Wuhan hospital. In addition, the report shows for the first time that the Wuhan Virus Institute had conducted secret military experiments for two years prior to the outbreak.

The report said, “Although the Wuhan Virus Institute was disguised as a civilian institution, the United States has determined that it collaborated with the Chinese Communist military on publications and secret projects. Since at least 2017, the Wuhan Virus Institute has conducted classified research, including laboratory animal experiments, on behalf of the Chinese Communist military.”

This is exactly why my original report from a year ago was so important.

Finally, the report said researchers at the institute conducted experiments using a bat coronavirus called RaTG13, which is 96.2 percent similar to the coronavirus behind the pandemic, adding that the institute was “not transparent or consistent” with its past research on a virus similar to COVID-19 “

The WHO investigators’ visit to China was repeatedly delayed by Communist authorities. The team’s ability to examine the raw data was also questioned when it finally arrived in Wuhan.

The U.S. State Department report said, “WHO investigators must obtain records of work on bats and other coronaviruses at the Wuhan virus site prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. As part of a thorough investigation, they must have a full understanding of why the Wuhan Virus Institute changed and removed its online records with RaTG13 and other viruses.”

Surprisingly, USA Today, as well as Facebook, continue to intervene on behalf of the Wuhan Institute of Virus and the Chinese Communist Party. Although USA Today quietly revised their story again this week to include the State Department’s government report, the newspaper continues to insist on removing issues related to the lab.

Senior editor Martina Stewart said, “According to the latest State Department documents, there is no evidence that the virus originated in the Wuhan lab, just as there is no conclusive evidence to refute the theory.”

The biggest threat facing the world last year was the virus that has claimed the lives of two and a half million people. As long as Facebook, USA Today and other mainstream media continue to silence and defame anyone who tries to report the truth, we will never know the truth about the root cause of the virus and how to prevent the next pandemic.

Bill Gates Bill Goetz is the national security correspondent for The Washington Times and author of “Concealing the Sky: The Chinese Communist Party’s Internal Effort for Global Hegemony.