American Conservative Conference Opens The Real Enemy of Conservative Defenders

The American Conservative Union is hosting a four-day convention (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida, starting Thursday night (25) EST. During the three days of formal meetings from Friday (26th) to Sunday (28th), important conservative figures, including former President Trump, will speak at the convention. Of most interest to the American people is the fact that President Trump will once again attend and speak at the convention. People are focused on the fact that Trump has basically not systematically spoken out or indicated his next arrangements for more than a month since he left the White House in January, so there is a lot of anticipation for this speech.

Trump’s plan to revive America, his policy of returning to conservatism and traditional ideas, which began in 2017, was abruptly interrupted by the 2020 election. Will the movement to return to tradition, reveal the truth, and uphold conservatism in America be on the verge of extinction? What is the next step for the defenders of American conservatism? Is the real target of their efforts, the enemy they face, simply the Democrats who advocate radical, left-leaning, so-called “progressivism”? No. The real enemy of American conservative defenders today should be the Chinese Communist Party.

Trump’s speech at CPAC, which will deal with China issues, will hammer Biden on many fronts and cover a wide range of content and topics such as immigration and China issues. If conservatives limit this annual conference to targeting American Democrats, the American left and American socialists, they fear they will lose their real targets, miss their real enemies and thus have to face real dangers in the future.

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is an annual political mobilization conference sponsored by the American Conservative Union (ACU) and attended by conservative activists, elected officials, and others from across the United States. Its participation began in the 1970s and has grown rapidly in recent years. Hundreds of conservative groups and organizations, thousands of activists, the brightest political stars and millions of spectators come together in a variety of ways.

The real enemy of the defenders of American conservatism would be, by now, the Chinese Communist Party. Pictured is President Trump in person at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Maryland on Feb. 29, 2020.

The CPAC organizers have had an interesting learning and maturing process, having invited figures from the American Atheist Alliance to attend in 2014, but immediately rescinded the invitation because the atheists tried to brainwash conservatives on the spot! The leftist mainstream media also actively campaigned in 2017 against the ACU’s president talking to Trump’s former adviser Bannon and former chief of staff Priebus. Trump attended and spoke at the CPAC conference in 2011, which is generally considered to have established Trump’s standing and subsequent political career within the GOP.

The convention has an interesting straw poll that is generally considered to be a windfall for the conservative movement. At the convention, attendees fill out questionnaires, one of which asks who is the most highly regarded candidate for the next U.S. president. The winner of this poll will gain widespread and great attention, as one of the purposes of the CPAC conference is to evaluate these conservative candidates. But these polls may not be allowed, and the CPAC poll in 2015 elected, not Trump, but U.S. Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky, although Paul did not receive a single electoral vote in 2016. Senator Mitt Romney of Utah, who is very much criticized today, actually finished in the top few of the straw poll for a long Time. But because of his involvement in supporting the first impeachment of Trump, he was not invited at all to last year’s and this year’s CPAC meetings.

Similar conservative conferences are beginning to be held in Australia, Brazil, and Japan, showing that the idea of conservatism is slowly becoming more visible and accepted as a rising force in the world’s political power.

The American conservatives’ convention this year is still given more attention because the wave of returning to tradition and conservatism in American society was strongly promoted by Trump’s first term in office and interrupted by the 2020 election fraud and Trump’s defeat. People expect Trump to make a difference, to be able to continue his unfinished mission, so people will closely watch and interpret the meaning of Trump’s speech. If Trump only limited himself to knocking the old and unclearly articulated Biden, and would also cover the issue of immigration, and even the Chinese issue related to the Chinese Communist virus and trade war, it would not be enough to meet the expectations of the American people, to cheer up the people who are discouraged in the face of fraud and election theft, and to add to the great cause of returning America to its traditions and fighting communism.

As you can see from the themes of the speakers at this year’s conference, there is no doubt that the political activists’ ideas and courses of action are partly related to the problems facing the United States and the problems facing the world, but they have not yet hit the nail on the head. Sen. Mike Lee of Utah talked about why the left hates the power amendment in the U.S. Constitution; former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and others talked about freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom of assembly and other topics. People talked about what “tolerance” is, why mobs and violence are rampant on the streets of America, and why the American left is currently promoting a “Culture of abolition.

Of course many people talked about elections and election fraud, guns, Education, the complicity of the mainstream media, the control of human beings by high-tech companies, the border, immigration, and so on. One of the more interesting topics was what exactly is running Biden’s administration? How far will socialism go in California? How do conservatives win back? How about major American corporations bending the knee to the Chinese Communist Party? The grand finale, of course, was Trump’s speech on the afternoon of the final day.

As Trump’s first official public appearance since leaving office, people saw Biden take several executive orders reversing Trump’s previous policies, and Trump issued a rare scathing condemnation of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), so naturally people were concerned about how Trump would help Republicans win back Congress in 2022, or what his own plans were. Has Trump given up the fight against the 2020 outcome? People are also waiting to see.

But regardless of how Trump will view this election theft and how he will move to the next step, as a conservative banner and weathervane, the CPAC conference must make American conservatives realize that they are missing the point if they target, if they aim, at the Democrats and the left alone. This is because the Chinese Communist regime and its communist expansion, the greatest enemy of mankind and the most imminent danger, has already made its way into the United States, both domestically and internationally. Is there any hope for America? Will things backfire? What should the American people do?

Biden said the other day, “Democrats have all this power in Washington, but they run the risk of doing too little!” (Democrats risk doing too little with the power they have in Washington). For the righteous, the Biden Administration‘s perverse actions have hurt America so much that they are actually worried about doing too little! America is really in high danger. Even the U.S. Supreme Court, which already has a biased political position, and by having a political position, the Supreme Court has deviated from the original intent of the separation of powers and has become an accomplice of the left. American conservatism has a long way to go to regain the upper hand.

Today’s political situation in the United States is not the usual partisan battle, not the usual confrontation between the two political parties in the United States that people are used to. This time is different because American politics and American politics are mixed with the evil elements and influences of Chinese communism. Will tradition, truth and conservatism die out in America? That depends on whether conservatives can recognize and identify the real enemy of America!