New Communist strategy “4 out of 5 eyes alliance is Nazi”

It has been a consistent practice of the CCP regime to stigmatize the countries or organizations that condemn it in a way that turns right and wrong. Pictured here, Chinese Communist Party troops conduct military training in the Pamir Mountains in the Kashgar region of northwestern Xinjiang on Jan. 4, 2021.
The Beijing regime’s brutal persecution of its own people has been increasingly scrutinized and condemned by the international community. Under pressure, the Chinese regime has turned around and attacked its critics as “Nazis. This backhanded tactic has been seen and voiced. U.S. commentator Tom Rogan recently wrote that the Chinese Communist regime has been attacking its critics as “Nazis. Tom Rogan, an American commentator, recently published an opinion piece in the U.S. media saying that the CCP’s propaganda campaign is a reversal of black and white. But that just shows that the country condemning the CCP is doing something remarkable by hitting it where it hurts.

The article is below.

As international concern grows over its genocidal policies against Uighur Muslims, the authorities in Beijing have launched a new propaganda campaign with a strategy of portraying critics as Nazis.

An editorial published this week in the Global Times, a newspaper that implements the campaign, called out the U.S.-led “Five Eyes” intelligence coalition as an “axis of white supremacy.

The newspaper, which is directed by the Communist Party’s Foreign Ministry, is one of Beijing’s primary means of broadcasting the Communist Party’s ethos to the rest of the world.

This particular editorial was motivated by the Canadian Parliament’s unanimous recognition this week that Beijing’s Uighur policies are genocidal. Canada‘s move follows a similar designation by the U.S. State Department.

The Communist Party is not happy.

Propagandists for the Communist regime say the Five Eyes are “becoming an axis of racism designed to stifle the development rights of 1.4 billion Chinese.” “Except for New Zealand.”

“The Global Times went on to say that New Zealand is “the smallest of the five countries and does not want to get too involved in international conflicts.”

Significantly, the Chinese government excludes this small country from the other Five Eyes members (the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada). As I have documented, the Beijing authorities want to drive a wedge and raise very tangible concerns that New Zealand is no longer a reliable ally. This is a reality that a growing number of Western journalists should be aware of.

The Chinese government’s description of the Five Eyes as Nazis is strikingly ironic.

After all, the Chinese Communist Party’s policy of concentration camps for the Uighurs, which centered on forced serialization, forced labor and death, will be familiar to even the most detached student of the Nazi regime.

While it is true to say that the human cost of the Holocaust was higher than what the Chinese Communist Party did to the 2 million Uighurs. However, we should not overlook the similarities between the two tragedies.

In both cases, authoritarian regimes attempted to exterminate a Culture and people simply because of the fact that they were incompatible with the regime’s ideology. Although Beijing pretends that its concentration camps are really just “vocational training” centers, the reality of their evil is now undeniable.

The article concludes, “In turn, the better four of the five should take the Chinese government’s latest condemnation as a sign that they are taking remarkable action.”