Mocking “Hu Jiaban”, a mainland commentator is blocked by the Chinese Communist Party’s entire network

Independent commentator Wang Yajun (Wang Qiaozui) teases Hu Xijin for not daring to let his baby son return to China to “die for the country”. (Screenshot)

Hu Xijin, the editor-in-chief of the Global Times, who is known as “Hu Gripper,” earlier encouraged netizens to “die for the country” and was bet by independent commentator Wang Yajun (Wang Qiaozui) with three months’ salary that Hu would not dare to let his son return to China. This led to an angry response from Hu Xijin, which led to a public debate. Wang Yajun said his public media number was permanently blocked.

Wang Yajun tweeted on Feb. 25, declaring, “The downfall of messing with the imperial grifter …… is to be killed in the domestic local network, no more numbers.” The post also posted a screenshot of the “account permanently blocked” by WeChat.

The screenshot shows that “the offending content is: ‘Wang Qiaozui: Hu Xijin teacher you misunderstood, please listen to my explanation!


Then, Wang Yajun posted a video of his speech on his YouTube account, saying that his public number, Headline, ShakeYin and Racer were blocked from the whole network because he had offended Hu Xijin!

After the withdrawal of Chinese and Indian troops from the border confrontation, the Chinese Communist Party announced for the first Time that four soldiers were killed in the Sino-Indian border conflict in June last year, and the official media launched a new round of patriotic propaganda during the same period. …… men should be like them (border officers) so to live, so to die.”

Hu Xijin’s comments sparked a number of challenges, calling on his sons abroad to return to fight, including mainland commentator Wang Yajun (Wang Qiaozui).

Wang Yajun responded on his Twitter account, saying, “Mr. Hu Xijin speaks with passion and fighting spirit, I firmly support Mr. Hu Xijin’s initiative and also make a statement, if Hu Xijin’s son goes to war after graduating from abroad, I will donate three months’ salary!”


Instead of responding directly to the above comment, Hu Xijin took a screenshot of the tweet and posted it to his mainland Weibo account, which has 24.1 million followers. He responded in anger, “How can you say that about Hu Xijin? Hu Xijin has been in the military for 11 years and has experienced two wars since he became a journalist, hearing the chirp of bullets whistling past his ears. You are a bloodthirsty snob who is worse than a eunuch but wants to prove that he is still noble!”

Hu Xijin’s angry dislike immediately sparked hot debate on the mainland network, and a number of public stand for Wang Yajun: “Old Wang proposed these people’s sons if they come back from abroad to the battlefield, I am willing to donate seven years of salary (provided that their sons to die in battle), you patriotic mentors are willing to donate their sons for the motherland, this ordinary people donate a little money and what is it. “



“Hu Xijin was disliked anxiously, finally the original shape, and the eunuch and villain, on this quality, a living spewer. You often say that others spray it? Compared with your old Hu, other ‘sprayers’ are small witch to see a big witch. This is called Wang Qiaozui, scolded you? No. The person, Wang Qiangzui, is firmly supportive of you, he just said: ‘If your son goes to war after graduating from abroad, he will donate three months’ salary! Is there anything wrong with this statement? No! And you, Old Hu, don’t even have the courage to answer the question head-on. People are asking about your son, not about how you are doing.”

“Yes, people Lao Wang said about your son, how did you Hu editor bring up your own deeds? You are over 60 years old, can you still go to war? If you go to war I’m afraid to do cannon fodder are too waste of rice, besides, you Hu editor and more than one son, there are several illegitimate children born with female subordinates, you have so many children, the motherland needs to send to join the army that is how honorable thing ah, you take the lead for the motherland to donate sons, the old king to you donations, this is how harmonious sound ah, you old Hu excited what? Why are you still cursing like a shrew? Are your sons not willing to sacrifice for the motherland?”

In October last year, Hu Xijin was exposed that his son had emigrated to Canada. In December of the same year, Hu Xijin was reported by Duan Jingtao, deputy editor-in-chief of the Global Times, who said he “had improper sexual relations with two female subordinates and had an illegitimate son respectively”.

Wang Yajun’s long article was blocked again

Wang Yajun later added a long article titled “Wang Qiaozui: Hu Xijin teacher you misunderstood, please listen to my explanation! The long article continues to flirt, explaining why he “gave eight months and donated a year, but Mr. Hu’s son went to war and old Wang only gave three months.

“The old king is ranked according to the degree of patriotism and loyalty of each teacher, and the amount of donations to follow is set according to the needs of each teacher for wealth. For example, my beloved teacher Hu Xijin, is sitting in Beijing, Canada and other places super mansions annual income of tens of millions of rich people, not bad money, so your children go to war to the front line, Lao Wang go out to chew steamed buns and drink cold water to donate three months of salary with a molecule, but also just enough to express a small tribute.

“Like Mr. Li Yi kind, not every now and then to Parents to a punch and kick to extort the two old pension, even his wife and children in the United States can not afford to pay for tuition and meals, the year before the second wife smacked him poor, has been cuckolded set of turtle head and Mr. Li Yi divorce, this situation Mr. Li Yi can still send his children to the battlefield, the old king must give a few more months of wages ah! “


The article ends with sarcasm, “I can still read between the lines, Hu Xijin teacher as a father’s heartfelt feelings of licking the calf, whose son is not a son, whose children who do not feel pain? It seems that the teacher Hu Xijin, who has been advocating war all day and who has declared war with whom, is no exception.

“I also know that Hu Xijin, Jin Canrong, Sima Nan, Ai Yuejin, Chen Ping, Zhang Weiwei and other instructors are multi-millionaires, but also know that Jiang Kun, Ni Ping, Bai Yansong, Dong Qing, Zhu Jun, Jackie Chan and so on are billionaires are not bad money children. But as the saying goes, send a goose feather a thousand miles, the gift is light, I hope that all teachers send their children to the military when they must know a message, let the old king pay a few months salary with a share to express a tribute, you millionaires billionaires, do not mind less. Donate these months of salary I will chew steamed buns and drink cold water, and then more words will have to drink the northwest wind.”

Unexpectedly this latest article by Wang Yajun led to him being permanently blocked. The news sparked a heated debate on Twitter.

Some netizens responded, “This gripper plate even the deputy’s real name can be fixed, block you but a small thing.” “Not only gripper plate gnawing bones, sometimes anxious also bite people.” “This gripper, in front of the master is a pet dog, in front of the people is a mad dog.”

After the Chinese Communist Party announced the death toll of the Sino-Indian border conflict for the first time, seven netizens from Nanjing, Beijing, Qinhuangdao, Chongqing, Guiyang, Maoming and Mianyang were issued arrest warrants by the police as a result of questions from netizens, one of whom was “fugitive on the Internet” for being abroad. The other three were detained in jail.

People within the system have criticized law enforcement agencies for their tendency to take the law into their own hands, and for the political considerations that have seeped into law enforcement, which has dramatically worsened the public opinion environment.