Chilling video: tire repair explosion car factory owner flipped in the air and died

A car repair shop in Vietnam’s Binh Phuoc province was involved in a horrific accident a few days ago. When the owner of the shop was about to move the tire after the repair was completed, the tire suddenly exploded and the owner was knocked off his feet and flipped to the ground, killing him instantly.

Reproduced from 91.COM.VN

The 41-year-old owner of the garage, Kuuat Dat, was repairing a customer’s tire at 2:00 p.m. on February 24. After filling the tire, he inflated it and then poured water on it to check if there were any holes.

I did not expect the accident to happen at this point, when Qu bent down to move the tire, the tire suddenly exploded, directly hitting Qu’s head, Qu was lifted up and flipped 360 degrees and fell to the ground, the tire continued to go straight up until it crashed into the roof of the garage to stop. The police said that Qu died on the spot, while there were two assistants in the vicinity of the garage, were lucky not to be injured.