Study: Transparent plastic film effectively inhibits CCP virus

A plastic film called AlpFilm is now available on the market, which when applied can purportedly remove 99.99% of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes communist pneumonia) within 15 minutes, and is commonly used in Food packaging, and can also be applied to contact surfaces to sterilize and prevent viruses.

Collaborative research begun 15 years ago by the Federal University of San Carlos (UFSCAR) in Brazil, the University of Ham I (UJI) in Spain and Nanox finally resulted in a patented plastic film with antibacterial and anti-toxicidal properties in 2014. This product focuses on the addition of silver nanoparticles inside a transparent PVC plastic film to achieve a germicidal effect.

The collaborative group says that when encountering metallic silver, the semiconductor silica is activated and will produce an oxidizing molecule that is highly toxic to the CCP virus. It can remove 79.9% of COVID-19 viruses within 3 minutes and up to 99.99% within 15 minutes.

The product is commonly used for packaging meat, fruits, vegetables, frozen meat and other foods, in addition to being used to stick on various contact surfaces to keep them clean and sterile.

This product with antimicrobial and virucidal properties was created in 2014, and the nanosilver particles were the key,” said Alessandra Zambaldi, AlpFilm’s manager of promotion. But in this plague, we conducted more in-depth research and adjusted the product’s composition to make it antibacterial and more effective.”

In addition to AlpFilm, there are several other manufacturers in Brazil that produce this PVC plastic film, from which up to 450 tons are produced each month.