Suspected of sarcasm Xi Jinping “Cui” word was blocked by microblogging

The Communist Party of China (CCP) has taken every possible measure to curb freedom of expression, and is still practicing “word prison” today, with many everyday words being blocked from use. “The word “cui” was removed from the name of the main character of the game, which is suspected to be an allusion to the Chinese Communist Party President Xi Jinping‘s “Xi Xi Pawn”, meaning “Xi Jinping died twice”. The newest version of the book, “The New York Times”, was published in the U.S.

The newest version of the “Cui” character has been blocked on Weibo.

The newest version of the game was released in the first quarter of 2012. Some netizens believe that the word “Cui”, when broken down, is thought to mean “Xi Jinping died twice” (Xi Xi pawn), but the discussion and the statement have now disappeared from Weibo, although the names of people and places that contain the word “Cui” have been replaced by romanization. The word “cui” can be found in the names of people and places, but the word “cui” itself and the words “pray for cui” that trigger the association have been banned.

According to the report, some Internet veterans said that the Chinese Communist authorities should have done a fine job of deleting the search results. Tom Ganlong, a US-based Chinese netizen, said that the fact that the word “cui” can trigger such an association shows that the Chinese people have serious discontent with Xi Jinping, but because freedom of speech is severely restricted, they can only express their voices by using their own imagination.

The netizen said, seeing Chinese people racking their brains to speak their minds, but immediately being blocked, he could not help but sigh that he is lucky to be in the United States, and can help Chinese people to voice their opinions.

Wang Longmeng, a French independent filmmaker from China’s Central Academy of Drama, also said that the blocking of Xi Jinping on the third anniversary of his constitutional amendment is very much like that of an “emperor in dragon robes”, and that such a tactic to suppress dissent shows Xi’s weakness. Wang Longmeng said that the dictatorship is a mine of laughs for writers, filmmakers and artists, and that he and his companions are considering documenting Xi’s evil rule in the form of an absurd drama.