The Chinese Communist Party continues to bet on the US election

On Nov. 9 at 9 p.m. ET, Democratic presidential candidate Biden tweeted, “I’m not the president of the United States until next January 20. But my advice to everyone on Tuesday is to wear a mask.” To the latter sentence, the Internet immediately ridiculed it as “You need to watch your mouths” and “Stop sending me congratulatory messages.” This was only two days after Biden and vice presidential candidate Hogan-Lee, who gave the winning national address in Wilmington.

On the 7th, after Pennsylvania cast 98% of the votes, the US mainstream media predicted that Biden would take 20 electoral votes, a total of 273, and become the 46th President of the United States. The president is playing golf in the autumn sunshine, that is, through the campaign headquarters issued a statement “the election is not over”, we all know why Biden “eager to falsely pretend to be the winner”, and why his media allies try to help him, because they “Don’t want the truth to be revealed”.

On the 9th, the Trump team really did sound the rallying cry for a full-scale counterattack. GSA Administrator Murphy refused to issue a document confirming the election results. Attorney General Barr authorized federal prosecutors to open an investigation into allegations of voting irregularities before the results of the 2020 presidential election are approved. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell voiced support for Trump’s filing of multiple lawsuits challenging the election results. A coalition of 10 state attorneys general have formed an opinion to the federal Supreme Court in support of a Republican lawsuit against Pennsylvania Secretary of State John Porkval and asking the federal Supreme Court to overturn a ruling that extended the deadline for mail-in voting.

China and Russia hold still.

While many world leaders have been sending congratulatory messages to Biden, Xi Jinping and Putin have been the exceptions, holding back so far. Putin said he has been a victim of Trump’s “Russiagate” impeachment by the Democratic Party of the United States, the cold shoulder to Biden, belongs to the due diligence. The Trump-implemented unilateralism and protectionist policies are in stark contrast to the globalization and community of human destiny that Xi Jinping advocates. Trump, through trade wars, sanctions on China and Hong Kong officials, and calling the new crown epidemic a “Chinese virus”, wants Xi’s government to bear all the losses. On October 23, Xi Jinping said at a conference commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Chinese People’s Volunteers’ resistance to the United States and aid to the DPRK in fighting abroad that he would “stop the war with war and stop the war with arms” to deal with the aggressor, which was evaluated as a “declaration of war” and was Xi’s message to Trump. The toughest speech of all time. Wouldn’t it be a godsend for Xi Jinping if Biden really did come to power to change everything about Trump, including the U.S.-China trade agreement? Why did he hesitate to take a stand?

The reason for this, I believe, is that Xi knows Biden and has no scruples to speak of. The opposite is true for Trump. In the US election, the CCP strictly controlled the party media and the Internet, and the most negative reports were just “chaotic”, almost stopping comments after 9 days. Hu Xi Jin was the only one who sent a message saying, “Don’t irritate or ridicule Trump at this time so as not to anger him,” and that the next two months would be “a very dangerous period. That’s what Xi said.

Secondly, Xi seems to know everything about the shady U.S. election, whether it’s the Biden family’s “three hard drives,” millions of fake IDs, fake ballots, and other blatant fraudulent practices in China, all mixed with Chinese elements. Unless you are a fool, you would not put a gun to your head. Third, Xi Jinping only has aspirations, not confidence, in whether the corrupt Biden can defeat Trump, who says he wants to change globalization and make America great again.

Trump’s rallying cry on the 9th blew only two days, the judicial program fully launched, Giuliani filed a lawsuit in several states. A Republican press release stated there were a total of 2,800 violations. Below, it will be Democrats, Biden and U.S. justice that will battle it out.

Meanwhile, Trump named Miller, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, as acting secretary of defense, Pompeo announced sanctions against four more China and Hong Kong officials, and Deputy Secretary of State Cratch will lead a U.S. delegation to the Economic Prosperity Partnership Dialogue with Taiwan on Nov. 20.

The Chinese side said the results of the election will be determined in accordance with U.S. laws and procedures, which is a good bet that Xi Jinping will get a chance to do so.