Election Update 11-12: Georgia to recount ballots by hand, Senate opens tip line

There have been several widespread reports of election fraud in the U.S. election, and in an effort to restore the integrity of the results, the Trump (Trump) campaign is launching full-scale legal proceedings to pursue the truth. At the same time, the U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee also announced that it would open a confidential whistleblower hotline in response to ongoing reports of mail-in ballot irregularities.

Georgia is now set to recount its votes by hand, with results expected to be announced on November 20, making it the first state in the nation to do so.

In Michigan, Trump’s team has filed a 234-page indictment against Wayne County, including affidavits from 500 voters, and other related complaints: 60% of a batch of ballots had the same signature; 35 ballots had no voter record; 50 ballots were scanned repeatedly by the counting machine; Republican scrutineers were kicked out of the counting site, and 687,000 votes were uncounted, etc..

In addition, Dr. Shiva, an Indian-American scientist, said that his analysis of Michigan’s four largest counties showed that up to 69,000 votes were likely tampered with by Dominion software, and that the higher the support for the Republican Party, the higher the percentage of votes tampered with by the software. Dr. Shiva live-streamed his data analysis process on his personal YouTube channel, garnering more than 200,000 online views.

So far, Team Kawakami has filed lawsuits over election fraud in at least six states, including Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, and Wisconsin. The lawsuits include claims that Republican scrutineers were illegally prevented from overseeing the vote counting process, illegal voter turnout, and a lack of transparency in the election system.

White House press spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said that multiple lawsuits regarding the election are ongoing and that President Trump is in excellent shape. She believes some of the cases will go to the federal Supreme Court.

The following are live updates on the status of the U.S. election.

Giuliani: 650,000 illegally counted votes in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh

President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani said on Nov. 11 that about 650,000 votes were illegally counted in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In an interview with Fox News, Giuliani said hundreds of thousands of ballots were “barely” monitored by Republican poll watchers, who are required by state law to be present for all political parties.

He said it can now be proven that up to 650,000 votes were cast illegally in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and that the so-called mainstream media “saying we have no proof is a complete and absolute lie, just as they have lied for years.”

Fox admits: wrong about election predictions

Fox News host Brett Baier admitted Wednesday that the media outlet incorrectly predicted that Democrats would gain five seats in the House of Representatives, but added that the overall prediction of a Democratic majority was “correct.

Baier said, “The Democrats gained 218 seats and came close to winning the majority in the House.”

In addition to the faulty predictions for the House, Fox has faced criticism for other election coverage, including preempting predictions of a Biden victory in Arizona when the Associated Press, CNN and NBC hadn’t made such predictions, leading to discontent from the Trump team, which has now filed a lawsuit in Arizona to have the votes hand-counted.

Election fraud software has close ties to top Democrats

A number of key senior Republican Party figures have been linked to the fraud software Dominion in recent media revelations, including Richard Bloom, husband of California Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein, who is a significant shareholder in Avid Technology, the company that developed the software for Dominion’s vote counting equipment.

Longtime aide Drew Hammill, a spokesman for House Speaker Pelosi, is also employed by Dominion Voting Systems.Dominion also employs the law firm Brownstein Farber Schrec, while Pelosi’s former chief of staff, Elsamy (Nadeam) (Elshami) is one of the law firm’s lobbyists.Dominion has also donated to the Clinton Foundation and the Democratic Party’s vault.

Biden claims to have won poll: more than half of Americans disapprove

Fewer than half of Americans actually believe Biden legitimately won the election, according to a new poll released Tuesday (Nov. 10).

The poll was released by the U.S. news network Just the News and independent pollster Scott Rasmussen. The survey, conducted Nov. 5-7 among 1,200 registered voters, asked respondents, “Who do you believe will legitimately win this year’s presidential election?”

The results show that only 49% of Americans believe Biden won the presidential election. More than one-third of voters (34%) believe Trump won the presidential election, while 16% are “unsure” who won the election.

Self-proclaimed no fraud in Philadelphia, Schmidt slammed by Trump

Republican Philadelphia City Commissioner Al Schmidt told CNN that he had seen no evidence of “massive fraud” in the counting of votes in Philadelphia.

On Wednesday (Nov. 11), Trump slammed Schmidt on Twitter, calling him a “Republican in name only.”

“A guy named Al Schmidt, a Philadelphia commissioner, otherwise known as a ‘Republican in Name Only’ (RINO), has been trumpeted by the fake news media to justify the level of honesty in the Philadelphia election.” “He refuses to see the mountain of corruption and dishonesty (of the evidence) that has piled up. We will win!” Kawakami said.

Arizona federal congressman supports Trump’s thorough investigation of fraud

Pictured is Arizona federal Rep. Debbie Lesko. (Alex Edelman -Pool/Getty Images)
Arizona federal Rep. Debbie Lesko says President Donald Trump shouldn’t budge until all the legal battles are resolved. Some Arizona voters have already contacted Lesko about potential election irregularities in the state.

“I don’t think the president should make concessions until all of these things are resolved, because it’s not over,” Lesko said in a Nov. 10 interview with the English-language Chronicle, noting that it would be irresponsible for the media to declare Biden the winner of Arizona when there are still many votes in the state that have not been counted.

The list of Republican state attorneys general alleging Pennsylvania grew to 16.

Today, ten U.S. state attorneys general filed amicus briefs (non-party opinions) with the federal Supreme Court challenging Pennsylvania’s extension of the practice of mailing ballots.

On Wednesday (11), the attorneys general of Indiana, Tennessee, and other states joined in supporting the Republican lawsuit against Pennsylvania, bringing the list of Republican state attorneys general to 16. The attorneys general have argued that under the U.S. Constitution, state legislatures must choose when states can stop receiving absentee ballots and begin counting them, and that state courts like the Pennsylvania Supreme Court do not have the authority to do so.

Indiana State Attorney General Curtis Hill, who filed the non-party opinion, said, “When we see courts in other states crossing the line and the potential impact it could have on the will of Indiana voters, we think it’s time to act.”

Trump: tens of thousands of ballots to be voided if Pennsylvania and Michigan don’t allow scrutineers to see them

The Trump campaign filed a 234-page lawsuit against Wayne County, Michigan, including affidavits from 500 voters, and other related complaints: 60 percent of a batch of ballots had the same signature; 35 ballots had no voter record; 50 ballots were double-scanned by counting machines; Republican poll watchers were kicked out of the count, 687,000 votes were left unattended, and more.

Trump tweeted Wednesday night, “No one wants to report that Pennsylvania and Michigan will have tens of thousands of votes that should not be counted because they will not allow our poll watchers and/or poll watchers to observe. Therefore, I could easily win those two states. Fast-forward to this news!”

In releasing a summary of the indictment recently, McInerney said, “We keep hearing, ‘Where’s the evidence?’ The drum noise. It’s right here. 234 pages of sworn statements, these are real people, real allegations, and the signatures are certified by a notary public.”

Mail-in ballot irregularities frequent, U.S. Senate opens tip line

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R) of Wisconsin, chairman of the U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, tweeted Wednesday night (Nov. 11).

“My committee has jurisdiction over the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and federal employees. I would ask that anyone – anyone with knowledge of violations related to mail-in or absentee ballots – contact us through the Confidential Whistleblower Hotline at [email protected]. “

The switch to or expansion of mail-in ballots and absentee ballots in multiple states during the 2020 election has led to news of massive fraud everywhere, in response to which President Donald Trump’s campaign has filed lawsuits in multiple states.

The mail-in ballot fraud that has caught the public’s attention is the whistleblower case involving employees within the Pennsylvania Post Office. Pennsylvania Post Office employees, whistleblower Richard Hopkins (Richard Hopkins) last week through the media revealed that its supervisors asked them to tamper with the mail ballots, the 4th arrival of the mail ballots will be postmarked on the 3rd in order to be counted on the ballot.

Subsequently, agents from the U.S. Post Office Inspector General’s Office questioned the whistleblowers for four hours last Friday (6), did not allow them to contact an attorney, and moreover allegedly coerced the whistleblowers to sign an affidavit withdrawing the allegations and refused to give copies.

The agents told the Democrat-led House Oversight Committee on Tuesday (10) that the whistleblower fully withdrew the charges. However, the whistleblower publicly stated via social media that he was not withdrawing the charges and would still stand by his original testimony.

In the meantime, the whistleblower released secretly recorded interviews with operatives who said that the storm was getting crazier and crazier, and that they had called him in to “ride the storm and pull back before it gets any crazier”; at the same time, the operatives added, “We have senators involved. We’ve got the Justice Department involved.”

Hopkins, the whistleblower, was reportedly notified by the post office last week that he was being placed on unpaid leave until the investigation into him by the Office of Inspector General and other agencies is complete.

Biden adviser: containment of outbreak: nation should be on lockdown for 4 to 6 weeks

A COVID-19 adviser to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden says the U.S. should be locked down across the country for four to six weeks to contain a pandemic and compensate workers, small and medium-sized businesses, and local governments for the losses.

Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, said Wednesday, “Right now, we can pass a bailout package to pay all the wages, the incomes of individual workers, and compensate small and medium-sized businesses, city, state and county governments for their losses. We can do all of that.”

“If we do that, then we can blockade it for four to six weeks,” He said.

Osterholm did not elaborate on the source and size of the funding. In fact, over the past few months, Congress has been unable to reach an agreement on an economic bailout package that includes extended unemployment benefits, stimulus payments, small business loans and other measures.

In March of this year, the Trump administration has passed its first economic relief package, the CARES Act, which includes $1,200 in cash grants, loans and $600 per week in federal unemployment benefits.

This is not the first time Osterholm has argued that the U.S. should impose a severe embargo. In August this year, he and Minneapolis Fed President Kashkari (Neel Kashkari) had written an article in the New York Times, calling for the United States around the blockade should be more “comprehensive”, “strict”.

White House spokesman: Election lawsuit may go to Supreme Court ruling

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said that multiple lawsuits regarding the election are in process and that President Trump is in excellent shape and full of emotion. She believes that some of the cases will go to the federal Supreme Court.

McEnany told the Just The News website, “The lawsuits will probably be elevated to the Supreme Court level. Right now we are litigating in district court, and we’re looking at the outcome of the Pennsylvania decision, and we’re looking at the upcoming litigation in Michigan and other states. I think everybody is speculating on how things will go.”

McInerney also mentioned that Trump’s team also has more information about the ballot question in Michigan, which will be released shortly.

McInerney is serving as White House press secretary while also serving as an advisor to the Trump campaign. This Monday (November 9) McInerney at a press conference to talk about the Democratic election fraud, Fox News (Fox News) abruptly suspended the broadcast.

In response, McInerney said on the 11th that she was exposing the problems with the U.S. election system at the time.

She said: “The Republican Party has always supported the voter registration system, this is our principle, opposing voter registration is tantamount to supporting election fraud. It’s a matter of basic principle, and the media should not be banned. The Democrats – they’ve spent the last four years trying to delegitimize the 2016 election. We demand transparency in elections and we are being attacked by the media precisely for exposing the election system (as it really is).”

Dr. MIT: 69,000 Trump ballots tampered with by software

Dr. Shiva, an Indian-American scientist and candidate for the Massachusetts Senate, live-streamed his data analysis process on his personal YouTube channel, garnering more than 200,000 online views.

Dr. Shiva and his team used Michigan’s ballot results as their data source. There are more than eighty counties in Michigan, and Dr. Shiva’s team analyzed the four largest counties, including Oakland, Macomb, and Kent, where the ballot results showed an unusual scattered distribution with obvious signs of software modification. And the higher the support for the Republican Party, the higher the percentage of precincts that were tampered with by the software.

After releasing the analysis of the software fraud, Shiva issued a public challenge to Trump and Biden on the 11th.

Mr. President @realDonaldTrump
Mr. Biden @JoeBiden

Our analysis in Michigan indicates that the computer likely used an algorithm to shift 69,000 votes. We are open to a rigorous and transparent review of our results with your representatives. Are you open to this?

Dr. Shiva’s team’s analysis shows that at least 69,000 votes for Trump were modified by the Dominion software to support Biden, meaning that Trump’s votes were cut by 69,000 while Biden’s votes were added by the software by an additional 69,000. This equates to 138,000 votes of Kawakami’s original lead (margin) being cut by the software.

Oakland County, which had the most voters, had 30,000 ballots tampered with, including 20,000 early votes and 10,000 votes cast on Election Day. In addition, Malcolm County had about 16,000 ballots tampered with by software, including 14,000 early votes and 2,000 votes cast on Election Day. In addition, 22,500 ballots were also tampered with in Kent County.

What is even more alarming is that the vote counting software that was implanted with the tampering algorithm was not just Dominion, but was prevalent among a variety of commonly used vote counting software. The algorithm that counts candidate A’s votes for candidate B has been in use since 2001, and Diebold, an early product of the vote counting software, had such an algorithm designed for this purpose.

Trump Team Sues Detroit Counting Center

Poll workers blocked windows to keep voters questioning ballot fraud from seeing the ballot counting area at the TCF Center on November 4, 2020 in Detroit, Michigan. (SETH HERALD/AFP via Getty Images)
President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign has sued the state of Michigan in federal court, alleging numerous election law violations at a Detroit vote counting center. The lawsuit is accompanied by 234 pages of witness affidavits describing how Republican election observers were prevented from fully observing the vote counting process, in violation of Michigan’s election statutes.

Witnesses detailed a number of problems with the receipt, processing and counting of ballots at the counting centers, including instances where election officials ignored their challenges.

The lawsuit brief states, “Michigan’s election laws contain a series of provisions designed to prevent fraudulent ballots from being counted. If fraudulent ballots are counted, they undermine the voting rights of legitimate voters.”

The Trump campaign asked the court to order the state and county tally boards not to declare certification of any election results because some of the ballots were processed when Republican observers were unable to adequately observe the counting process, or to certify any tally results that contained illegal votes.

The Trump campaign also pointed to an error in the center’s so-called tabulation software, which caused all ballots processed through that software to have to be recounted manually.

In an affidavit from 21 Republican observers, they confirmed that they were denied access to the TCF vote counting center in Detroit. The center is the central counting site in Wayne County, Michigan’s most populous county. Five Republican observers stated that they were ejected from the center and nine others stated in their affidavits that they were barred from returning after leaving the center.

Thus, there were more Democratic observers than Republican observers observing the vote count at the center. One witness estimated the ratio at 2:1. Another said that at one time each Republican corresponded to 10 Democrats.

Seven witnesses said they saw the same ballot entered multiple times on the ballot counting machine. One Republican observer witnessed 27 ballots (ballot numbers covered with tape) being voted five separate times on a single counting machine. Eleven witnesses said that the ballots that were withdrawn by the automated scanners and later voted again were done by a team of two Democrats, rather than a bipartisan effort.

In 18 affidavits, witnesses said the ballots counted by election officials included names that were not on the voter’s file. The date of birth of these voters was January 1, 1900. In 16 affidavits, witnesses said they saw a mismatch between the ballots and the numbers on the envelopes.

The complaint states, “When observer Abbie Helminen raised the challenge that the names on the ballot envelopes did not match the names on the voter rolls, an election official told her to ‘go away!’ . The counting table she observed had a ‘different counting process than the other tables’.”