Who really won the US election?

The world is watching the U.S. 2020 election. The prevailing narrative in the marketplace right now is that Biden has won. Wait! Who confirmed that Biden won?

When the Biden camp demanded a “transfer of power”, it was rejected by the United States General Services Administration, which is responsible for the peaceful transition! Apparently the official election body did not conclude that Biden had won. Biden’s win was an opinion campaign by the American mainstream media!

Many people are still stuck in the Nixonian era of the American media: the Fourth Estate, an objective and rational watchdog independent of the government. In fact, human beings are not angels who can fly in the air without a position. Being human, they are certainly subjective and have their own positions. Media people are also human beings. No media can be anything neutral or objective. What the media should do is to tell us the fullest possible truth of events.

As I write this, Fox News, considered by Americans to be the only remaining right-leaning television news network, has cut off White House Press Secretary McNerney’s remarks. Even if McNerney’s remarks were wrong, shouldn’t the media let the people see what she said? Cut her off live and tell us a conclusion! Who gives the media such power to judge the rightness or wrongness of a person’s speech? A free society is where freedom of speech and freedom of the press should be. There are media that lean to the left and media that lean to the right. In the end, public opinion can be objective and neutral, and people can compare the views of the left and the right. But it is clear that the American mainstream media has become exactly what President Trump criticized: Fake News, which has become the biggest driving force to divide America.

So the media’s advocacy of a Biden victory is unlikely to be accepted by American voters. Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Georgia, the four most important swing states, are all less than 1% away from a recount. On what basis does it follow that Biden won? Instead, thousands of people have come forward to show up and prove that there was fraud, and there are even rumors that 200 year olds and dead people were involved in voting and the vote counting software was caught cheating. Why should we believe that Biden will win?

It’s only natural that a country with the rule of law should go to court.

America is a nation of laws. Usually, people have to take each other to court if they have a little friction. What about the elections, which concern more than 300 million Americans? So Trump, a victim of cheating, rightfully appeals to the courts!

But such an extremely normal and most customary American measure of dispute resolution is being attacked by the media as Trump’s lack of decency and destruction of the bedrock of the democratic system. Could it get any more ridiculous than that? Someone cheats at a poker table and the victim reports the casino. But the media says: “It’s disrespectful and undermines the casino’s “cornerstone”. Is the cornerstone of the casino “cheating”? Catching cheaters is the only way to maintain the casino’s credibility! Trump’s judicial prosecutions are about repairing the democratic system and rebuilding our faith in democracy.

There’s a saying that the clean slate is the clean slate. If the Democrats weren’t cheating, they wouldn’t be afraid of a lawsuit. Wouldn’t using this election to check the integrity of state elections be good for America in the long run? Shouldn’t the Democrats be confidently welcoming a post-judicial victory if they didn’t cheat? Wouldn’t it be more conducive to what Biden calls “unity” to convince Trump supporters, too?

In fact, the media and the Democrats couldn’t wait and rushed to declare Biden the winner because they were guilty and afraid of a judicial investigation. That’s why they had to create a Bandwagon Effect through overwhelming public opinion. In a parade of floats, there is a lead Bandwagon and the band is on top. The parade has a slang phrase: jumping on the bandwagon (jumping on the bandwagon) represents “entering the mainstream”.

By declaring Biden the winner, the American media created a Bandwagon for us, but the 70 million Trump supporters don’t care for this dirty float. But anyone with a sense of justice can see through their ploy. We don’t want hypocritical “unity”, we want fairness! An election without fairness is not an election. The people of Hong Kong are well aware of this. Are the elections in Hong Kong under the control of the Chinese Communist Party fair? Justice? Can you say election? I just can’t believe that the Democrats are following suit and imposing this Chinese Communist agenda on the American people. As the White House says, the election is far from over. And from what we have so far grasped about the fraud, Trump is the real winner.