This is what happens to your privacy.

Today we’re still talking about privacy leaks.

After the official report of a new case in Shanghai, every local group I’ve been in has been worried about this, and naturally I’ve been chatting about topics related to outbreak prevention and control, like whether it’s healthy to turn yellow, why the word “Shanghai” has turned red, and where the infected person had been before being diagnosed.

For example, will it be healthy to turn yellow, or why the word “Shanghai” has turned red in the itinerary code, or where the infected person had been before she was diagnosed?

While we were discussing serious matters, someone suddenly started throwing documents into the group.

Inside is various information from a close contact.

This information, Twitter users see love in it, and begin to knock the man and woman CP.

The more you talk, the sweeter it gets. The marketing number starts to build topics for the woman

Call it “perfect love”.

It looks interesting, doesn’t it?

But I read it, and I couldn’t really tune it out.

Because in that document, all his information is clearly listed.

From his name, phone number, ID number, home address, how big his family is, his height and weight information, his BMI, it’s all there.

I punched in all the codes.

Not only that, but at the end of the document, the address, cell phone number, and ID number of his parents were included. All the relevant information about his friends, his girlfriend, and his girlfriend’s friends are listed.

I punched in the code, too.

Originally I thought the document might be fake.

However, I tried searching for these people’s WeChat using the phone numbers inside the leaked info.

One of them, I found out that the WeChat name was exactly the same as the real name in the leaked information…

There were two other individuals, and the gender and location information was largely consistent with the briefing.

This, coupled with the careful way in which the document was written and the various details…

So I think this document, there is a not insignificant chance that it is true.


If the document was real, it would be scarier.

Because there’s so much information in it.

Not only does it have each person’s home address specific to their house number, but their cell phone number ID number, and even a person’s height and weight BMI index…

Substituting myself in, each of the above is private information that I definitely don’t want to tell too many people.

However, such a document full of privacy, yesterday I saw in at least three groups of more than 300 people, I do not know how many people in Shanghai and even in China have read this information, and I do not know how many people to add their WeChat, call them, send them harassment messages, or some bad people with bad intentions, intend to use this information to commit fraud and crime….

Whether it’s a new crown patient or a close contact of a new crown patient, the fact that they are all victims of the epidemic is already troublesome.

As a result, the privacy of the victims is now leaked out, making them another layer of trouble, it’s really unreasonable. Not to mention, Weibo users have now gotten the news from nowhere and started opening their mouths to say that the girls are mistresses:.

I understand that citizens’ information is needed to fight the epidemic. I also absolutely cooperate in asking for relevant information to create documents.

As for how many square meters the family lives in, how many rooms and rooms, and what is the BMI of each person, I don’t know what this has to do with controlling the epidemic, but let’s just write it down, that’s not the main issue.

The main question is how was this confidential information of citizens, which was supposed to be for internal circulation only of the staff in the field, leaked? Why is it being spread all over the place?

How can we prevent such things in the future?


In fact, we can imagine what it might be like.

Maybe someone who works at a hospital or the CDC happens to be asked by a friend or family member about the new infections, and the TA has the file in hand, so without thinking, he or she sends the file, which is full of other people’s private information.

Or maybe a staff member wanted to send it to the people closest to him or her, and told him or her to “keep it to himself”.

The person who leaked it probably didn’t mean any harm, but just wanted to warn his friends and relatives.

The people who forwarded it didn’t think too much, and just wanted to send it to the group and share the information with everyone.

As a result of this, the word spreads, and finally the information leaks.

At the end of the day, it’s still too little to take privacy seriously, especially not other people’s privacy.

This afternoon, for example, I posted this on Weibo and @Shanghai Internet Police in the hope that they could resolve the matter!

It’s wrong to divulge privacy like that, and I would have thought that was the consensus of everyone.

As a result, one user asked me rhetorically: is privacy as important as the epidemic?

Another user implied that I had a publicist accent and questioned my motives: (I’ve actually been called 50 cents a day lately.)

???? Where does this even follow.

If this document is true, then it is a clear leak of information, which is not the same thing as an official notification of a confirmed case’s journey.

The official notification of a confirmed case only needs to inform where the patient has been.

And in this document, in addition to the itinerary, there is a name, ID number, and cell phone number.

These are two completely different things, so how can they be mixed up?

I understand the need for a partial surrender of privacy rights for the sake of epidemic prevention, but apparently there’s no need to reveal any privacy here. How does one talk about this and it becomes “spying” again? What about “Hate the Nation Party”?

Perhaps similar privacy breaches have happened quite a few times, so many that some people have made it an everyday occurrence, and encountering it not only feels justified but also defended – and anyway, after reading these comments, I kind of understand why there are such privacy breaches:)

Because a lot of people, they really don’t think that privacy is important, and especially they don’t think that other people’s privacy is important.

I don’t know if they will still think so when their privacy is violated in the future.


So if something like this is to be addressed, it is still important that more people understand.

Privacy is important.

Whether it’s our own privacy or someone else’s, it’s important.

Let’s start with the insiders.

Hopefully, for something like this, you can pursue to the end and refer to the police system’s penalties for information leaks

At the same time, such documents with citizen privacy can be encrypted and can’t be opened without a password, only insiders have passwords.

Two things might work a bit.

I also hope that every user, when they see such a document, will feel free not to forward it and remind the publisher to withdraw it. If you really want to send it, you should also delete the private information from the file before sending it.

Enhancing privacy awareness is not only convenient for others, but also for ourselves.

I’m sure you don’t want privacy flying all over the place either.

I’m sure you also don’t want to be talked about by unsuspecting sandcastle users who have to call you a third wheel.

I believe you also do not want, suddenly dozens of people to add your WeChat, to say something to you.

If we all have no sense of privacy, then no one can be immune.

Isn’t it?