Where is America headed in the battle between good and evil behind the election?

The 2020 U.S. election has been a tumultuous and gripping affair. “October Surprise” has been extended to November 3, after Election Day, Trump and Biden’s showdown has not yet decided to win, stalemate.

Recently, President Trump’s legal team member Powell said in an interview with Fox, evidence that the Biden team used a variety of fraudulent means in the election, involving the number of “questionable votes” at least hundreds of thousands of votes. The largest vote fraud scandal in the history of the United States has almost become apparent. At present, the Trump team has resorted to legal action, some swing states have stopped to continue counting votes, some states began a recount. Powell said he was confident that with a fair recount, Trump would win.

Fraud cloud of suspicion has not yet been resolved, Biden will impatiently announced that he was elected, and began to prepare for the transfer of power. For a while, the American “mainstream media”, social media, big technology companies flocked to Biden’s “election” momentum, trying to create a fait accompli, in order to force President Trump and his supporters to retreat. A carefully planned coup to steal the results of the election is being staged, and the dark forces hidden in the swamp are also surfacing one after another.

The United States is experiencing an unprecedented constitutional crisis, the system of democracy and freedom laid down by the founding fathers is being trampled upon, and the United States has now reached the edge of the precipice. ……

Leftist premeditated usurpation of power – déjà vu tactics.

Four years ago, the U.S. presidential election, so that the leftists never thought that the elite politician representing “political correctness” Hillary was defeated by political vegetarian Trump. In order to be able to turn the tables in the 2020 election, the dark forces in the past four years to do their best, fight back, by any means possible to confront Trump. If we take a deeper look, we will find that the leftists have sacrificed the same tactics and proposed the same policy agenda as the CCP did back then. The following are just a few examples.

  1. Promoting violence, inciting hatred, deliberately creating divisions and winning the hearts and minds of the people

For a long time before the election, the leftist forces strongly supported violent organizations such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa to fight, smash and loot by illegal means, incite hatred and create divisions, subsidize illegal immigrants and jobless people through high taxes on the middle class and the rich, equalize the rich and the poor, and declare that more than 10 million illegal immigrants would be directly naturalized in the United States, etc., in order to gain their votes.

Similarly, when the Chinese Communist Party started out, it used the slogans of “fighting the landlords and distributing land” and “proletarian revolution” to encourage the hooligans and proletarians to seize land from landlords by violent and illegal means, killing innocent landlords and at the same time enlarging the population. “Struggle” and the magic of “getting something for nothing.” In the process, the CCP has deceived the public.

  1. cracking down on dissent, controlling the media, disinformation, and censorship of speech.

In the past four years, the leftists have deliberately turned a blind eye to President Trump’s achievements, but in turn, they have continuously attacked and discredited him, and even fabricated witch-hunts such as Russiagate and Ukraine-telephone-gate to persecute him politically. U.S. “mainstream media” and the left complicity, smear Trump, especially during the election, the U.S. 3 major media ABC, CBS and NBC negative coverage of Trump more than 90%. However, these media Biden’s “computer door” scandal and “vote fraud” scandal but selective blindness, playing deaf and dumb.

In addition, social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter have unfairly censored President Trump and his supporters, such as when President Trump’s tweets about the election were tagged and restricted by Twitter. The leftists censor speech in the name of “freedom of speech and freedom of the press”.

Similarly, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started out with lies and lies to stay in power. During its rise to power, the CCP fabricated lies to smear the KMT, demonized Chiang Kai-shek, and staged a coup d’état in an attempt to force Chiang Kai-shek out of power. In the decades since the usurpation of power, the CCP has fabricated countless lies and propagated them through the media, letting the public hear and see only the “facts” that the party wants them to know. For example, the Party portrayed the June 4 students as “thugs”, concocted the “Tiananmen Self-Immolation Fake Case” to demonize Falun Gong practitioners, and portrayed the Hong Kong young people who participated in the march for the liberation of China as “thugs”. “Hong Kong Independence”, the Tsinghua University scholar Xu Zhangrun, who disagrees with the Chinese Communist Party, was “airborne prostitute”, WeChat and Weibo, all of which are social media software commonly used by Chinese people, have powerful censorship and filtering features… …

  1. The leftists, while packaging themselves as the embodiment of justice, are in fact hypocritical and harbouring evil intentions.

Under the banner of “democracy and freedom” and “political correctness”, the leftists package themselves as defenders of justice, but in essence, they call upon people to indulge their bottomless desires, overemphasize their egos and pursue absolute freedom, thus causing people to deviate from orthodox moral standards and move further and further away from God.

Under the banner of “communism”, the CPC presents itself as the savior of the people who is “great, glorious and correct”, but in essence it does all kinds of evil, encouraging people to look to money, laughing at the poor rather than the prostitute, replacing the human heart with the evil party spirit, promoting atheism, holding the party leader on the altar, and making people believe in the CPC and stay away from God and Buddha.

Of course, three feet of ice does not freeze in one day! Since the founding of the Communist Party of the United States in 1919, which took orders from the Communist International, communism has invaded every aspect of American society step by step over the past hundred years, causing the political spectrum in the United States to shift ever further to the left. This election, the U.S. dark forces in the nest to launch a coup d’état, is just a hundred years of red curse accumulated to today’s concentration outbreak.

If Biden is elected, the U.S. fears falling into the abyss.

  1. Moral breakdown of society, ethical crisis

On November 7, just after Biden’s self-declaration of “victory,” large groups of American communists, homosexuals, transsexuals, “Black Lives Matter” supporters and others swarmed the streets to celebrate, many of them unrestrained, with one transsexual shouting, “Finally, relief!

It’s not hard to imagine that once Biden is elected, mutant “regulations” such as Obama’s “transgender restroom order” are likely to be revived, and all sorts of unethical social fantasies will get out of hand, leading to a rapid decline in social morality. You know, Biden’s son Hunter itself is deeply involved in drug abuse, pedophilia and other sins, and even with his sister-in-law, niece and daughter serious incest ……

Worst of all, Biden’s deputy, He Kamli, is likely to replace him in short order. And He Kamli, a representative of the far left, has already introduced a number of anti-traditional and anti-moral bills in California, including legalizing marijuana, establishing legal drug injection stations and providing free needles, legalizing underage buying of prostitution, and government funding to support underage children who are transgender and whose parents have no right to interfere ……

As a model of liberal democracy in the world, the culture of the United States has also been a benchmark for Western countries. Once the U.S. falls in the moral and cultural sphere, it is bound to bring damage to the civilization of the entire Western society.

  1. Speech blockade and constitutional crisis

Lucian Lincoln Wood, a prominent human rights lawyer who recently announced he was joining the Trump team, said that in his 40 years as a lawyer in the United States, he never thought that speech blocking would happen, but now it is happening.

Lincoln Wood said, “If you have your freedom of speech taken away, what rights are they going to take away next? If your right to go to church is taken away, what are they going to take away next?” “After they take away your First Amendment rights, they come and take away your Second Amendment rights.”

Wood warned that the right to due process is then taken away. “And then because you speak out against the ruling elite, they put you in jail and you don’t even get a jury trial.” In this way, “all your constitutionally guaranteed rights are gone, and this is a constitutional crisis”.

  1. the United States will go socialist.

There were some Biden supporters in this election who went right to the banner with the book, “Capitalism is killing us. Fight for the socialist option.” The total collapse of the communist camp in Eastern Europe in the last century has shown humanity that communism will eventually go bankrupt. And the few remaining communist countries in the world today are either poor or in chaos, like North Korea, Cuba, and mainland China, where corruption is rampant, the gap between rich and poor is wide, the human rights situation is worrisome, and faith is lacking ……

Many who fled from communist countries sought asylum in the United States so that they could enjoy democratic freedom and a life free from manipulation and slavery. And now, many of Biden’s supporters aspire to the socialism of all evil?! Of course, America will also face an even greater crisis in that Biden, in cahoots with the CCP, will sell America out directly to the CCP, making this great nation a direct prey for the Communist Red Devils to devour.

God bless America, evil does not triumph over good.

Although America is on the brink, as President Trump said: “America will always be a land of dreams. For America belongs to those who have true faith. When the Puritan forefathers first set foot on this land, they prayed to God, and when the founding fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence, they invoked ‘our creator’ four times. Because in America, we don’t worship government. We worship God.” At the moment it looks like President Trump’s re-election is challenged and full of suspense. But let’s not forget that Trump is recognized by many people of faith as the “Chosen One,” or “God’s Chosen One.

In this seemingly chaotic situation, everyone is expressing themselves in the midst of good and evil. On the surface, it looks like a partisan struggle, but in essence, it is a battle between good and evil. To support Trump is to choose righteousness, to return to faith in God, to realize the American dream; to oppose is to choose corruption, to follow the evil path of socialism and communism, and finally to go to destruction.

The people are awakening, justice is being manifested, and the situation is turning around. Just this past weekend, Trump supporters across the United States held a peaceful protest, demanding that the Democratic Party and Biden “stop stealing the election”. Angry voters at the rally said: “We came here because we don’t want socialism, we don’t want communism, we don’t want our power stolen.” Righteous forces from all walks of life in the United States are coming out in succession to support Trump and resist Biden.

With hope and crisis, the future direction of the United States is sure to validate what President Reagan once said, “When good people are brave, evil is powerless.”