Biden wasn’t elected. Foreign leaders aren’t supposed to congratulate him.

On 7 November, a number of media in the United States “predicted” that Biden would be elected president, and Biden declared himself the winner. Subsequently, the leaders of many countries were the first to express their congratulations to Biden, both in formulaic terms and with praise for him and his partners. However, the Prime Minister of Slovenia refused to acknowledge Biden’s victory, the Presidents of Mexico and Russia said that they would wait for the final results before deciding whom to congratulate, and some countries, such as the President of Brazil, responded with silence.

The different attitudes of foreign heads of state reflect their respective values and interests. In the face of the current situation of the U.S. election, congratulations to Biden is a wrong statement, in respect for the facts, respect for the law and abide by the moral three aspects are unqualified.

First, the election fraud exposed election results to be determined

The Democrats have now been exposed for the widespread and shockingly diverse fraud in the election. The American people have spontaneously protested in all 50 states, demanding that the Democratic Party stop stealing the election, demanding that every legitimate vote be counted, and restoring fairness, transparency and credibility to the general election.

Trump’s campaign team has got sufficient evidence, is fully launched legal proceedings, full pursuit of the truth.

On November 6, Federal Election Commission Chairman Trey Trainor (Trey Trainor) said externally that he is convinced that election fraud is occurring in the states where votes are still being counted. He said that if the law is not followed, then the election is “illegal”.

On Nov. 9, U.S. Attorney General William Barr issued a memo authorizing federal prosecutors to investigate numerous allegations of voting irregularities before the results of the 2020 presidential election are officially certified.

For now, several states are continuing to count votes, Georgia will be recounted, and Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona are or will be rewritten as the investigation proceeds. On news sites such as Real Clear Politics, Biden’s electoral votes have fallen.

Since the early morning hours of November 4, President Trump has made several statements refusing to concede defeat. He condemned the fraudulent actions of the Democratic Party, saying that the election was not over and that he would continue to fight.

Second, Biden has not been legally recognized.

Under the U.S. Constitution, election results are announced after being determined by each state’s legislature and are not determined by the media or political parties. To date, no state has declared Biden elected.

On November 9, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) refused to sign the documents for the transition to Biden’s team, meaning that the federal government did not recognize Biden’s election. The General Services Administration spokesman said, General Services Administration Administrator Murphy (Emily Murphy) has not yet decided the “clear winner”.

Biden’s scandal-ridden performance is a sign that he’s a good candidate for the job.

President Trump’s record is clear for all to see: developing the economy, strengthening homeland security and safeguarding traditional values at home, fighting terrorists abroad, resisting Chinese infiltration, defending human rights and promoting world peace. The huge crowds at the campaign rallies and the enthusiastic admiration of voters of all ethnic groups speak for themselves.

On November 10, the Australian federal senator Roberts (Malcolm Roberts) said in a speech in the Federal Parliament that the vote count in several states of the United States was challenged by the law, the general election vote count has entered the judicial process, congratulations to Biden “win” premature.

Roberts said: “I want to remind everyone, in the United States under the leadership of Donald Trump, the lowest black unemployment rate in history, the lowest Hispanic unemployment rate, the lowest female unemployment rate since World War II, the largest number of black entrepreneurship in history, the largest number of women-led startups in history, (Trump for successfully brokering the Middle East) historic peace agreement and won the Nobel Peace Prize! Nominated, Trump is also the first president not to start a war in 30 years.”

What Roberts is referring to are some of President Trump’s accomplishments for the benefit of the United States and the world, which have been deliberately ignored and covered up by the major U.S. media.

In contrast, Biden, who has accomplished little during his 47 years in politics and has been revealed to have colluded with Ukraine and the Chinese Communist Party, has used his position as Vice President to secure huge benefits for himself, his son Hunter and his brother James, and some of Hunter’s dealings with the Chinese Communist Party could jeopardize U.S. national security.

Biden has said publicly, “We have built the most extensive vote fraud apparatus in the history of American politics.” At the time, everyone thought he was sick and was babbling nonsense. After the general election opened, that suspicion was finally answered: numerous revelations of fraud all showed that the Democrats had stolen votes cast for Trump by a variety of means.

Fourth, the code for politicians

Politics is not a game of speculation. To endorse Biden is to endorse a media that spreads disinformation, attacks and threatens goodness, and flouts the Constitution; it is to tolerate the abuse of justice and civil rights by electoral fraud; it is to embrace corruption, deceit, and lies. It is a matter of good and evil and conscience. How can those who are at the helm of affairs lose their moral principles and lead the country to true prosperity and strength?

One user wrote: “You chose incest, fraud and rapist, you are an unforgivable accessory. I can’t believe I saw the leaders of the UK, France, Canada, and the EU congratulating Biden today, and the Biden family’s full of incest videos and money collection information, invisible?”

Among the dignitaries who “embraced” Biden, the Israeli prime minister and Taiwan’s president were the most criticized, accused of “ingratitude.”

On May 14, 2018, the United States officially opened its embassy in Jerusalem, and Trump fulfilled a promise that had been delayed for 23 years by his three predecessors. In addition, under the coordination of President Donald Trump, in August and September 2020, Israel established diplomatic relations with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, the historic agreement shook the world, the “new Middle East” pattern far-reaching impact.

Over the past four years, the Trump administration has given Taiwan strong diplomatic and military support, helping to elevate Taiwan’s international status and providing important guarantees for its peace. The Chinese Communist Party’s hesitance to act rashly against Taiwan has an important bearing on the United States’ policy towards Taiwan.

In light of this, the official stand of Israel and Taiwan is disappointing, and those concerned should reflect and correct their mistakes.

It is worth noting that most of the political figures who eagerly shook Biden’s hand have emphasized democracy, freedom, and human rights, but this time, they ignored important facts and showed their profit-motivated approach.

Relative to Mexico, Slovenia two small countries head of state, relative to the thousands of people who encouraged Trump “don’t give up”, for the President, for the United States and fight for the people, relative to the intimidation, stand up to expose fraud witnesses, the so-called big-name politicians, one by one eclipsed. I hope they will withdraw their inappropriate “congratulations” and wait patiently for the end of the election.