Election fraud, will the Deep State be removed?

On November 8, in the case of allegations of election fraud has not yet been legally ruled on, the United States leftist media and the Democratic Party candidate Biden self-declared himself elected “the new” United States President. In this regard, Kawakami said, the election is far from over, his campaign team is taking full legal action to uncover the black hand of presidential election fraud. On the same day, the 50 states across the U.S. held a simultaneous “stop stealing elections” rally to protest against the Biden team in the election organized fraud. A number of Republican senators and representatives said that the media can not determine who is the president, the voters can decide, the battle is not over. A battle between good and evil is raging for the complete removal of America’s deep government.

Deep state, also known as deep bloc or dark forces, refers to an unelected group of government bureaucrats, civil servants, the military-industrial complex, the financial industry, conglomerates, intelligence agencies, and big media conglomerates that really and actually control the country behind the scenes to protect their vested interests. The term is derived from the Turkish secret organization “derin devlet”. On August 12, 2019, the New York Times published “Who Rules America?”, an article by the New York Times. It is a fake news concocted by Trump, who said that the widespread circulation of the theory of “deep government” is not unrelated to the push and pull of President Trump. However, now the fact that the U.S. election collective fraud proves that the “deep government” really exists.

On October 14, the New York Post reported that Biden’s second son, Hunter Biden, was deeply corrupt and profiteering from his father’s power, and many people tweeted the article, and on October 14, Twitter immediately banned people from tweeting a link to the New York Post article, warning those who tried to click on the link that “the link may not be safe”. “. Meanwhile, another media giant, Facebook, took action to restrict the dissemination of the story in its news stream, citing the need for a third party to verify the authenticity of the content. The actions of Twitter and Facebook have reignited some public accusations of censorship and bias in social media, and they have also identified themselves as important members of the “deep state. In response, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing in which Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter), Pichai (CEO of Google) and Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) were called in. At the meeting, the senators accused these tech business owners of censorship of freedom of the press. The hearing brought the “deep government” in the U.S. technology sector to the surface.

Since Trump’s administration, the “deep government” in the media world has also exposed itself for repeatedly producing fake news. The New York Times, CNN, CBS and other leftist media to smear and scandalize Trump as their own responsibility, intended to create Trump too bad public opinion atmosphere, the ultimate goal is to help the deep government coup to seize power. in September 2018, Trump in response to the “I am a resister in the Trump administration” article, on Twitter, responded: “deep state forces and the left wing, and Their tool, the fake news media, is really going crazy ……” to Americans who believe in the existence of “deep government,” the U.S. “deep government.” In addition to denial through the public opinion they control, the spokesperson “labels” these groups as “QAnon”. This practice of denying and labeling opponents while doing evil is really in line with the tactics of the evil Chinese Communist Party. Exactly the same. It is no wonder that President Trump has repeatedly told Americans that “deep government” will lead the United States into socialism.

Now the “deep government” in the United States is desperate in the election, engage in election fraud, disguised coup d’état has been found by many righteous Americans, they have taken to the streets to express their anger to the “deep government”. 6 November, the Pennsylvania postal workers Hopkins (Richard Hopkins) told Project Veritas investigative reporter O’Keefe that the Postmaster General ordered them to pick out ballots that arrived late after November 3, separate them from the rest of the mail, and postmark them 3 days later to help Biden win the election. In addition, they controlled the results of the election by tampering with the pens, voting machines, counting software, and even mailing fake ballots or throwing Trump’s ballots in the trash. For the election results, the “deep government” is not afraid of exposure, not hesitating to carry out systematic organized fraud, which highlights the power of its forces, the good American people have been forced to the corner by this force, justice and law in front of the “deep government” become worthless. .

At 12 noon on November 7, thousands of people gathered in the plaza in front of the Arizona Supreme Court, chanting: “Four more years” and “U.S.A.”, championing the legitimacy of democratic elections in the U.S. and demanding that the court investigate election fraud, as well as asking for the Media chase. Arizona Congressman Walter Blackman said at the rally, “I’ve fought many battles overseas against many evils, but I never thought I’d have to face this evil back in America.” Meanwhile, CNN, the Associated Press, Fox, and other major media outlets declared Biden the winner as they declared that he won Pennsylvania and Nevada. But Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, etc. have all been accused of vote fraud and legal action is underway. They are “too fast” action, once again let the U.S. “deep government” surfaced. November 8, all 50 states simultaneously held a “stop stealing the election” rally to protest against Organized fraud in the general election by the “deep state”.

In the face of massive organized election fraud, the Trump campaign has begun legal prosecutions to ensure that election laws are fully upheld and that the rightful winner is seated. President Trump said that Americans deserve an honest election: that means counting all legal votes, not counting illegal votes. It’s the only way to ensure full public confidence in our elections. But the Biden campaign refuses to agree to this basic principle and wants all ballots counted, even if they are forged, manufactured, or from ineligible or deceased voters. Trump claims that only a party engaging in wrongdoing would illegally prevent observers from entering the counting room – and then prevent them from doing so in court. It can be seen that, through fraudulent “winning” the election, the U.S. “deep government” has fully surfaced.

“On 9 November, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg was accused of investing large sums of money and even paying “tips” to judges in swing states in order to influence the election. As a result, he was taken to court. On the same day, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nisel issued a cease-and-desist order to reporters, demanding the deletion of his “Detroit Leaks Video Showing Voter Fraud Training” that was exposed online at …… In the face of overwhelming evidence of election fraud, on November 9, the U.S. Attorney General William Barr finally sat down and issued a memo authorizing federal inspectors to investigate allegations of massive voting irregularities.

At the same time, President Trump abruptly fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper, the order taking effect immediately. Senior U.S. media people believe that this may be the next step for President Trump to initiate the Insurrection Act, because in the face of a large amount of evidence of fraud, the “deep government” has surfaced, they are about to have a showdown with the Trump administration, when they lose the lawsuit may be desperate, once again launched like Antifa. “Black lives are expensive”, “black lives are expensive”, like the riots, for which the Trump administration has been prepared. It is undeniable that the war between good and evil is now playing out in the United States, and the nine justices of the U.S. Supreme Court have been placed in place by the heavens, waiting for the cheaters to be judged by justice. The Chinese Communist Party and Russia’s delay in not congratulating Biden on his “victory” suggests that the “deep government” is headed for defeat and will be eliminated.