Facepalm CNN! Melania: Every legal vote should be counted

After U.S. Democratic candidate Biden announced his victory in the presidential election, Trump still has not admitted defeat, and accused of improper counting of votes. The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the results of the election, and then you need to take a look at the results of the election. Melania made her first public statement after the election later that day, stressing that every legitimate vote must be counted.

Melania tweeted, “The American people deserve a fair election. Every legal vote (not illegal votes) should be counted. We must protect democracy in a completely transparent manner.”

CNN is considered to have a clear position in the US presidential election, has always been wildly black, seeking re-election of Trump, good treatment of the Democratic candidate Biden, and even criticized to become the official media of the Democratic Party, at the risk of losing its long-standing reputation; compared to the former US first lady Michelle. Michelle Obama (Michelle Obama) is still hounded by the mainstream media, Melania became the first lady of the United States in 2017, from the tone of speech to clothing, often mocked by CNN and other mainstream media.