Russia’s CEC questions U.S. vote-by-mail promotion of fraud

The adoption of postal votes in the US presidential election paved the way for massive fraud, Russia’s CEC chief Ella Pamfilova said today, echoing claims by US President Donald Trump’s camp. Russian President Vladimir Putin is still waiting for the results of the US election to be officially announced before congratulating the winner.

Pamfilova said she has carefully studied U.S. mail-in voting and found that the process is prone to fraud.

Panfilova told the state-run Tass news agency, “For me, the conclusion is clear: this American-era mistake leaves huge room for possible falsifications.”

She cited the possibility of double voting, the unexplained disappearance of “extra” ballots, the casting of votes by voters listed as deceased, and the “lack of systematic control of the entire voting process”.

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Biden (Joe Biden) recently declared victory, Trump refused to concede defeat, and will focus his criticism in particular on the mail ballots, mail ballots surged this year, and heavily favors the Democratic Party.

Putin is one of the few world leaders who has yet to congratulate Biden. The Kremlin said today that Poutine is awaiting the official results of the U.S. presidential election and then congratulating the winner.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the media: “We think it’s right to wait for the official results to be confirmed. I would like to remind everyone that President Pootin has repeatedly said that he will respect the choice of the American people.”