Passing through the southern waters of Taiwan! Two USAF B-1B bombers circle the South China Sea

The U.S. Air Force (USAF) has been spotted flying two B-1B bombers into the South China Sea, passing through the waters south of Taiwan and approaching the Spratly Islands, a highly disputed sovereignty issue, according to Aircraft Spots, a Twitter account that keeps track of military aircraft.

“Aircraft Spots” (Aircraft Spots) today tweeted on Twitter account @AircraftSpots that observed two U.S. Air Force (USAF) B-1 gun cavalry strategic bombers (B-1B), named DUNK01 and DUNK02, departing from Andersen AFB in Guam in a northwesterly direction yesterday (8), bypassing the waters south of Taiwan and entering the South China Sea, once flying quite close to the Spratly Islands, and finally flying back to Guam via the southern waters of the Philippine Islands.

In this regard, Aircraft Spots believes that this move in giving China “clear message” (clear message), the move seems to be “freedom of navigation mission” (FONOP, Freedom Of Navigation OPeration) operation.