China’s martial arts culture is on fire overseas, Japanese media shout: China’s renaissance has come of age

What are the first things that come to your mind when you think of cultural exports? Is it the spread of audio and video images, or the outstanding masterpieces of the major 3A manufacturers, of course, I believe that you are not so superficial people, since we talk about cultural exports, then we have to talk about the ninth art to bring us happiness, that is definitely not some things have a way to compare!

A decade or so ago, China could only passively accept cultural exports from overseas, Resident Evil 7, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Horizon: Dawn of the Dead, these 3A masterpieces with the ability to export culture has been exported to the country. At the same time, the special type of Chinese style games, as China’s unique culture, has long been used by foreign manufacturers to develop games as materials, “Shagi” developed by a Japanese company, and “Jade Empire” developed by a Canadian company, have become a masterpiece in the hearts of many foreign players.

However, with the change of time, more and more domestic games have gradually entered the international stage, similar to the excellent Chinese style games such as “The Strange Tales of the Forest” and “Taiwu Painted Scroll” are born.

Of course, it’s been a decades-long tug-of-war, from the early days of Xian Jian Qixiang to the more recent Taiwu Yemo, with each installment laying the foundation for the export of domestic games to foreign cultures.

For example, “The Legend of the Immortal Sword and the Wizard of Oz” as a Chinese style game widely recognized by the cognitive groups, “Xian Jian I” in July 1995 sales had reached 450,000 sets, and then “Xian Jian III” even broke through 2.4 million sets of sales volume achievement, and this achievement has also become its standing in this era’s symbol, it established the “Immortal Sword” this classical fairy chivalry for the story elements of the classic IP, by the majority of domestic players to pursue, with the birth and dissemination of derivative works, the Immortal Sword series in overseas areas to harvest a lot of fans, for the domestic game cultural output has laid a solid foundation.

In fact, after seeing all kinds of martial arts culture fire to foreign countries, more and more people, began to realize the cultural export. Of course, there are many people who think that games can provide little help for the cultural output, but this is not the case. Many domestic games, in fact, many of them are based on martial arts, Xianxia game backgrounds, they all contain more or less ancient Chinese classic cultural content to enrich the game itself.

The biggest feature of JD Online 3 is that it is a big IP. However, JD Online 3 doesn’t have a high reputation in the overseas market, but JD Online 3 relies on its unique Chinese martial arts quality to expand overseas, and it has achieved a very good result.

Even the Japanese media mentioned that “China is starting a renaissance movement”, but also specifically mentioned the Chinese style when they mentioned Fingertips Riviera.

To this day, the quality of games made by domestic manufacturers and their ability to export cultural positivity has crushed foreigners’ understanding of Chinese martial arts, no longer presumptuous! Fingertips also counts as a mutual achievement of game and culture.