It’s not a bug, it’s a gift from the manufacturer to the pirates.

What? The game is absolutely fine, did you pirate it? Today I’d like to introduce you to ten, self-contained games that spoof cheating and piracy players. These games are perhaps the most unique anti-piracy and anti-cheating tactics in the history of gaming.

Tenth place: full picture blur.

Anyone who has played The Sims will know that when a character goes to the bathroom or takes a shower, important parts are mosaicked, but pirates are happy because they get mosaic effects that never go away, and they’re the kind that are permanently valid plus a full-image blur.

Ninth: Batman Can’t Fly.

When it comes to Batman players will know that Batman: Arkham Asylum is up next, and while the game itself has quite a few bugs, two of them are specifically designed for pirates.

In the level after transporting the Joker, the player must cross the gas below to reach the other side, but the pirated version of Batman will only fly like a chicken. Many pirate players reacted on the game’s forums that they had encountered a bug that wouldn’t fly, and the developer hit them hard in the face, it’s not a bug in the game’s programming, it’s a bug in your character!

But even if you use the modifier to get through that level, another bug will interfere with you incessantly throughout the game.

In the game Batman will also use the grappling hook to reach places he can’t jump on, but the pirate player’s grappling hook won’t work so well and will even catch Batman off the map.

Eighth place: full of pits and valleys of enemies

The Earth Adventures series by Nintendo is a turn-based RPG, and has a wonderfully interesting and even sentimental story. But if you’re a pirate, you won’t be able to appreciate this, because when you enter the game using the pirated version, the enemies on your way will proliferate to unbelievable levels, and you’ll even get new enemies that don’t belong in the area, making it very difficult to continue the game.

How hard is it?

If Black Souls is called hard, there are no words to describe the piracy of this game, and even if you flooded the game ending with an explosion of power, you’d be forced to restart the game when you finally hit the boss, and then incidentally delete your archive.

Number 7: If your enemies are invincible?

That’s right, invincible, humanoid red scorpions with giant pincers are exactly the kind of monsters Heroes of Sam 3 uses to punish pirates.

If you use a pirated version to get into Heroes of Sam 3, you will be forever hunted to the ends of the earth by this unkillable monster. You might be scared of it at first, but over time you’ll realize that it’s too annoying and is always interfering with your ability to play the game properly.

It’s just a waste of time and ammo, and it’s about as annoying as the double-bombed, low-IQ Daredevil alien in the game, and it’s invincible.

Sixth place: the never-ending elevator

In The Laws of Talos, the player assumes the form of an artificially intelligent robot and embarks on a journey to find his own mind at the behest of his creator. It’s a beautiful and full of depth puzzle game, but if you’re a pirate, you’ll probably only experience one percent of that journey!

You’ll feel the cruelty of the developers when you enter a random elevator where you can save your progress. The elevator will stop abruptly as it lifts and then there will be no more and you will be stuck in the elevator for eternity. The official response, however, was generous, and it’s a feature of the game, specifically for the pirates.

Fifth place: the vanishing end

There’s a racing game that never gets to the finish line, yes! This is how they punish pirate players in Mirror’s Edge.

This parkour game is all about speed and the precision of jumping and landing, but the pirated version of this game has an intentional bug, as a lot of this game has the character running to top speed and then jumping, while the pirated game’s main character will start forcing deceleration before jumping, and you’ll be forever stuck at the starting point of the first springboard unable to get past it.

Fourth place: shaking until you puke shots

It’s from GTA 4, and the footage here is even worse than in the martial arts movies, and even just watching the animation will make you dizzy until you explode. Worse, the car starts smoking as soon as you get in, and the directions are locked so you can only drive in the same direction.

Third place: shooting chicks instead of bullets.

You heard it right, in Crysis: Slug, when the pirate player gets into the game he will find that all the guns only shoot chickens and do no damage. But don’t worry, it’s still possible to get through this game, you just have to rely on your fists.

Second place: fairy fights

The most creative punishment is not to block the cheater’s account, but to put him with other cheaters. Dark Souls is very popular with cheaters due to the difficulty of the game. The cheaters not only cheat solo, but also hack into other players’ games.

If you kill another player using a gold shiny enchanted weapon, Namco puts you and the other cheaters on the Black House server with all your equipment intact, but you’ll only encounter other cheaters during the invasion.

First place: sorry, the game you developed is cracked!

Game Development Nation is a development game in which you can run your own game studio and carefully consider what projects you want to put your money into, taking into account fan feedback, media reviews and so on. The problem that pirates will encounter here is that the game they develop within the game will be cracked and thus their simulation studio won’t make any money.

The funniest thing is that a pirate runs up to the Steam community and asks if the game being developed within the game has a genuine protection mechanism that protects the game from being cracked.

Of course, there are many more anti-cheating tools for games, do you know of any games that also have similar anti-piracy or anti-cheating tools? Feel free to discuss in the comments section.