With a Trump victory in sight, where does America go from here?

I end this article at 01:20 US Western Time, 17:20 GMT on 4 November, at which point the US election is as follows.

Among the states where the results have already been tallied, Trump has accumulated 213 electoral votes and Biden has 238, which is very close to the 270 that he won. Please refer to my previous article on America’s unique “electoral vote” system, which I won’t repeat here.

At first glance, Biden seems to have a clear advantage. But wait. The truth is that a Trump victory is in sight.

There are still seven states with no results, but based on the progress of the vote count, the winner can already be roughly calculated. They are: Alaska (3 votes), Nevada (6 votes), Wisconsin (10 votes), Michigan (16 votes), Pennsylvania (20 votes), North Carolina (15 votes), Georgia (16 votes).

Of these seven states, Trump is only trailing in Nevada, and the remaining six states have most of their vote counts over 90% already, and with all of them currently leading by a significant margin, it’s safe to say that, barring a special event, all six will be taken by Trump. So the number of electoral votes Trump could end up with is 293. Even if individual states rampage, Trump is guaranteed to win by a slim margin.

This is the bottom line of Kawakami’s just-completed press conference, where he announced himself as having won, and is also the motivation for him to threaten to go to the Supreme Court for fear that the results would be difficult to confirm.

It is by no means an exaggeration to say that this election has global repercussions. Because in this troubled time when the epidemic has not yet subsided, the choice of the American people represents not only the future direction of the United States, but also, to some extent, the direction of the world. No matter how you look at the United States, the outcome of this election will affect your life in one way or another.

As most of the mainstream media in the United States leans Democratic, the polls of the major media before the election were almost lopsidedly in favor of Biden. In particular, the leftist media, represented by the New York Times, raised the probability of a Biden victory to more than 90%, and hated to announce the result directly. In the first two weeks of October alone, Biden received $130 million in campaign funds, while Trump raised only $44 million, and even had to make up the shortfall out of his own pocket when it mattered. But even at such a disadvantage, Trump once again went against the odds, killing his way through the leftist media’s whims.

This time the American mainstream media’s lopsided polling misses the mark, in fact, the same joke as the general prediction of Hillary’s victory in 2016, it is not that they do not know the real public sentiment, but under the drive of partisan interests, many American media lost the neutrality and rationality on which they stand, and have sided with the wealthy and powerful Democrats. Knowing the possibility of being hit hard by the truth, they still made it their mission to blacken Trump. Trump is not perfect and can be black, but if selective coverage and attention is paid, this loses its news value. Even with the many scandals that have broken out in the Biden family, it is possible to turn a blind eye, completely losing the most basic ethics of the news media.

There was a time when the American news media were the benchmark for their counterparts in the world, and the Pulitzer Prize was also recognized as the “Nobel” of news. But in this election, it was a real disappointment. Also let us see, American society in the atmosphere of years of left-leaning, accumulated malpractice for a long time, is the need to violently hit the steering wheel time.

Trump’s victory this time is actually exactly the same as it was four years ago. From the situation of this ballot, support for Trump’s basic plate more in the countryside and traditional manufacturing, agriculture more developed areas. In familiar terms, it is called “rural encircling the city”. Like four years ago, these are called “red necks” of the lower middle class in the United States, usually voice opportunities, may also be difficult to enter the eyes of the elite of Wall Street. But always in the crucial time, with the hands of the most valuable votes to express their attitude.

Perhaps the most distressing thing is, in the current serious confrontational mood, the Democratic Party may not so easily concede defeat, about the confirmation of the results of the election campaign may have twists and turns. The bigger concern is that the American people, torn apart by the election, may also take longer to heal the fractures caused by the left-right dichotomy.

Where does the United States go from here after the election of the century, the second term of the founding of the country is also a severe test. Hopefully, the old TCM will once again be able to prescribe the right remedy for the problem, so that the Lighthouse of Mankind can live up to its reputation.