Eunuchs yelling at each other, melon rinds flying around.

The presidential election, the Trump-Bye war, and the Hong Kong people supported Trump as did the Japanese, Taiwanese, and Indians, as well as the mainland immigrants and Vietnamese in the United States. But only the Hong Kong people were criticized by other Hong Kong people that they should not blindly “bet” that the Democratic administration would retaliate if Biden won.

This advice is out of concern for the younger generation of Chinatown’s aunts, only the election of the U.S. president is a matter of the safety of all mankind, the global population, except for Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen, who is in a special and sensitive situation, as other heads of state do not indicate which side to support, is normal. Everyone in the public has the freedom to comment. Internet KOL supports that side, it doesn’t matter if you bet on it or not. No bets because you don’t have the votes.

Japanese netizens support Trump; young people in Iran, just as much. So if Biden wins, will he abolish the U.S.-Japan alliance and let North Korean missiles come to Japan in retaliation, or will a Democratic administration support the Iranian fundamentalist regime and suppress the Iranian civil opposition movement?

Supporting a Trump victory can have absolutely nothing to do with Hong Kong or anti-communism. It is possible to support a subversive of the system, the Monkey King in his “politically correct” left-leaning gum-roofed Tian Tian Gong, or Jack Nicholson in his “flying over the lunatic asylum” to defeat the head nurse in the all-white uniform who is not allowed to do this or that.

It’s not even about political right and wrong, it’s about aesthetics.

For example – and remember, just for example – I can support Trump: if he loses by a small margin, I’ll support his armed struggle, invoking Maoism, to take back from Biden and the left the power that belongs to Washington’s founding fathers and to the American people for generations to come.

I also support the idea that Mao Zedong said, “Power comes from the barrel of a gun,” and that the patriotic American people should use firearms to defend their homeland, consolidate the revolutionary regime, and repel mob attacks.

May I ask whether I belong to the right or the left in the above statement? Am I a supporter of Trump, or a believer in Mao Zedong Thought?

Or do you support neither, only Tarantino and his black comedy film series, because Tarantino’s “cinematic aesthetics”, so that the American film hegemony can look forward to the climax of the American election, and reach new heights, you are just a prank audience?

That’s not true, is it? The Chinese whether eunuchs listening to the room or eating melons and peanuts, you see your play is, see half heard, the audience themselves label each other, scold each other spit, people Japanese and Indians will not, ah, really a very strange people.