I’m not quitting parent group.

Couldn’t let myself lose at the starting line.

The child finally entered the key primary school, in order to go to this school, I gritted my teeth, the suburbs of the big flat sold, in the city center mortgage set of old shabby little.

The old neighborhood complete support, just sell wreaths, within two kilometers there are three, one of which is another branch.

The business is visible good.

When I returned the next day after school, my excited wife pulled me into the parent group.

Not long after, the class started selecting a parent committee, and the parent group was a hidden gem, so my wife told me not to be embarrassed.

So I changed my campaign resume from account manager to sales director.

Unexpectedly, I was still not selected.

I looked at the resumes of other parents, some of them were CEOs, some of them were PhDs working in street offices, and some of them were CFOs of public companies who came back from studying in Canada.

Where did I fall short? What’s the difference between that and being an insurance salesman?

No, I sell insurance because I can’t get a good job. I’m a second-year graduate in public administration, who wants to be managed by me if I manage people?

In the end, I didn’t study hard enough in high school to get into 985.

But that’s all I got in junior high!

Then I remembered that one time in elementary school I didn’t turn in my homework and the teacher called me up and slapped me across the face.

I felt my brain buzzing, my cerebrospinal fluid and nerve cells mixed and stirred into a paste, and from then on I was confused in class, wondering if Astro Boy was my classmate, or if Ne Zha’s wind wheel was pure gold.

If I had done my homework properly, the teacher wouldn’t have beaten me, the teacher wouldn’t have beaten my brain, my brain wouldn’t have been bad and I wouldn’t have failed the 985 exam, and now I wouldn’t even be able to get into the PTA.

One wrong step, one wrong step, and where I fall, I stay.

I decided to take advantage of my son’s elementary school years to follow him and transform myself.

The fortune teller told me from a young age that my future was bad because of my mouth, which was too hard to flatter.

The teacher gave me a homework assignment, but I forgot it and asked why I didn’t write it.

As a result, the teacher slapped me in the face ……

So now, I’m the first to reply when my child’s teacher sends a message to the group.

The teacher says, “Little Wang has peed his pants, please come to school right away to take care of it, Wang’s mother. “

I’ll post it in the group right away, you’ve worked hard teacher, remember to drink lots of hot water.


The teacher said, “The school is being cleaned tomorrow, so please try to make time to come to school to help clean up. “

I immediately said to the group, Teacher you are such a clean person.

Although my message was sent quickly, it was only on a verbal level.

The PTA is a hidden tiger.

Recently, the PTA secretly built a small group, and the CEO’s dad crowdfunded to buy a small suit for the teacher to wear in class. The Street Doctor crowdfunded an electric bike for the teacher to ride to and from class.

Although the crowdfunding list will be sent to the teacher, but the lead is not me after all, it seems that I can not be a human being.

Recently I also launched a crowdfunding campaign in the group, in order to let the teachers see my efforts, so I sent the crowdfunding message directly to the big group.


Strangely enough, I haven’t seen any messages from the group since then.

But it doesn’t matter, my wife is still in the group.

Not long after, my wife suddenly asked me to go to school to sweep the floor.

I was surprised: “We are in a major elementary school, why are we sweeping the floor? “

My wife said, you just stop complaining, look at the parents group, people CEO dad and doctor dad have sent their own sweeping pictures to the group. The PTA has scheduled us for Wednesday, and we will take turns going every Wednesday from now on.

I took a look at my wife’s phone and exclaimed, “Or else they are school bullies, the hygiene cleaning up is so serious. “

Can I lose this?

Of course you can’t lose, all the other parents clean up after their kids are out of school.

I go to school in the morning under the guise of going out to meet clients.

The teachers and kids are in their classrooms, so I clean up outside the classroom.

I stand outside the window and watch the chalkboard from the classroom.

From the hallway to the playground, from the playground to the bathroom, from the bathroom to the teacher’s office, I clean up.

When the kids were out of school, I would clean the classroom again.

Because I kept doing this, I was finally fired by my supervisor after two months.

But I didn’t regret it, and I knew that my life was just beginning.

Because the teacher gave me another difficult task to help the children correct their homework.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

I always wondered if I had started in elementary school, would I still be in this mess?

So I’ve decided that I will not work or get a job to follow my child’s learning exclusively.

I’m formally requesting with the teacher and PTA that all future parent duty schedules be voided, and I’ll cover all the classroom hygiene!

When I heard the news, the teachers and parents pulled me back into the group.

In the group I finally gained the respect of parents and teachers alike.

They gave me the thumbs up.

CEO Dad even offered to put me on the PTA.


Actually, I’m selfish for doing so.

I’m an adult, but I’m getting older, my reflexes are slowing down, and I often get a bit of a headache looking at my elementary school textbooks late at night.

On the surface I go to the classroom to help all the parents clean up, but I actually want to stand outside the window and secretly listen to the teacher’s lecture.

I would come back and do my homework with my child, and I would help him correct his homework.

In the end, not only did my basic knowledge become more and more solid, but my child’s grades also improved by leaps and bounds.

It’s just that the family’s school district can’t support it anymore.

We had to move out of the school district because we couldn’t pay the mortgage.

But my story doesn’t end there.

I’ve mastered all the skills of how to be a good parent.

Even though my children are no longer able to attend a major elementary school, the teachers and parents are very sad to see me go.

I’m sure I’ll be the best parent I can be at whatever school I go to next.

Recently, I heard that some people don’t want to help their children with their homework and shouted, “I’ll just quit the parents’ group, what’s wrong with that?

We don’t have many opportunities to learn in this life.

If you don’t want to pay for an MBA and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to a university, don’t you want to spend money to study in a junior high school?

I am determined not to quit the parent group, not only will I not quit, I will study with my child next and get a 985 PhD together. That way by the time I have my second child, I’ll be able to join the parents’ group in name only, if I’m not already starving to death.

Go, parents group.