Eat a vegetable, eat two meat, do three things to protect the cold and nourish the Yang

“Big cold for the middle, on the shape of the small cold, so called the big …… cold of the inverse pole, so called big cold. “

January 20, will usher in the “big cold “Festival. The big cold, is the last of the twenty-four festivals. “After the big cold, another year “, the rich “flavor of the year ” began to pervade. At this Time, people are busy removing the old and decorating the new, preparing New Year’s goods and sweeping dust and cleaning things.

This year, the big cold coincides with the Laibatsu Festival, which is a rare opportunity. In this cold day, eating a bowl of hot La Ba congee means warming millions of families. The big cold indicates that the weather is extremely cold season, at this time there will be ice and snow, the sky and the ground frozen cold scene. The cold is the eye of the year’s reincarnation, hiding the opportunity to turn the Life, at this time, to do a good job of health.

Big cold customs, you know how many?

1, the tail tooth festival, “tail tooth”, is the national “tooth” of the land god’s name.

2, kill the year pig, “big cold small cold, kill the pig for the New Year. “, some areas will Some areas will “kill the year pig”.

3, eat cold cake, “big cold” eat rice cake, both with the auspicious taste, but also to dispel the body cold.

4, buy sesame straw, the cold season, people want to buy sesame straw, meaning “sesame blossoms high”.

5, dust, pay attention to sweep from the door to the Home, the dust will be piled into a pile, with a dustpan loaded away ……

6, sacrifice Zao, sugar sticky Zao Wang mouth, the Guan Dong sugar melted and coated on the mouth of the Zao Wang, not to let the Zao Wang say bad things.

Eat a dish – cabbage

The cold season, is the driest period of the year.

At this time, eat some cabbage, is a good choice, especially in the north.

Many people will have dry, cracked skin, to pay attention to prevent dryness.

Chinese cabbage, rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, can be good for skin care and skin care.

Plus it also contains crude fiber, which can lax the intestines, promote detoxification, help digestion and promote bowel movements.

Therefore, in the cold season, eat some cabbage, nutritious and delicious, replenish water, good for health.

Eat two meat

A, goose meat

In the north, it is said that when it snows, the most feared animal is the goose.

In the cold winter, eat some goose meat, can replenish yin and benefit qi, warm the stomach and produce Jin.

Goose meat, all beneficial to the five internal organs of the human body, can remove the dry heat of the five organs.

Goose meat contains more high-quality protein, which can improve the body’s immunity and help health.

Therefore, in the cold season, eat some goose meat, nourishing Yin and warm body, is a good choice.

Two, chicken

“A chicken in the nine, the next year good health”.

The cold is in the “four ninth”, eat some chicken, can improve the ability to resist the cold.

Chicken meat, can be qi and blood double tonic, benefit the qi to supplement the deficiency, spleen and stomach, is a good tonic.

If you use chicken in Soup, be sure to eat keep in mind that when you drink soup, then eat some chicken, the most nourishing.

Do three things well

A, drink hot tea, warm the stomach to drive away the cold

The cold season, drink some hot tea, warm stomach to drive away the cold, very beneficial.

Cold winter, hot tea, can be supplemented with water to prevent dryness, but also to warm the body to drive away the cold.

During the day, it is a good choice to use small plants to make water to drink as tea in between meals, which is simple and convenient.

Su Zi Ye, rose, osmanthus, Chen Pi, etc., are good choices.

Second, bubble feet, warm body to drive away the cold

The cold starts from the feet.

To prevent cold, you must do a good job of keeping your feet warm.

The cold season, more hot water bubble feet, can drive the cold warm body.

Hot water foot soak, not only can relax the whole body, but also can feel the warmth spread along the feet to the whole body.

If you can add mugwort, ginger, cinnamon, etc. to the foot soak water, it is more effective in driving away the cold.

The temperature of the foot soak water 38 ℃ ~ 43 ℃, a little higher than the body temperature can be, not too hot. Foot soak should not be too long, to soak until the whole body slightly sweating, about 30 minutes is appropriate, not a lot of sweating.

Third, often pressed, benefit from the Yang

Cold, easy to damage the body’s yang.

Therefore, the cold season, pay attention to the care of Yang Qi.

At this time, you should go to bed early and get up late, and then get up after the sun rises.

You can also get a proper sun exposure, so that the essence can be gathered inside to moisten the five organs.

In addition, you can also often press and rub to help the body’s yang energy generation, to enhance the body’s immunity.

Finally, the cold season, also need to exercise

Although, the cold season is relatively cold, but still need to carry out appropriate exercise.

The lack of physical exercise, static movement, will be too much yin, harming the body’s yang.

The body is moving, so let the limbs move, but also let the internal organs and meridians are moving, in order to fully generate Yang Qi.

The cold season exercise, can gradually carry out some aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking, jogging, rope skipping, shuttlecock, playing taijiquan, eight duanjin, walking, etc., to a slight sweat as degree, do not move to sweat dripping.

At this time exercise, should pay attention to the appropriate, moderate, outdoor activities should not be too early, to be carried out after sunrise is good