Ten common nightmares and their meanings

The world is a scary place, and sometimes you can’t get rid of your fears even when you sleep. Nightmares are a common human predicament, with an estimated 2-6% of people having nightmares at least once a week. The Dream and Nightmare Laboratory at the University of Montreal states that adolescents are the age of high nightmare prevalence, preschoolers and older adults have fewer nightmares, and women have more nightmares than men. Although nightmares are very unpleasant, dream scientists are increasingly certain that nightmares are a subconscious emotional programming that drives away your tension and trepidation at night.

Let’s take a look at the 10 most common types of nightmares and the messages they say they send.

  1. Losing your footing

Everyone has dreamed of being forced to fall for various reasons, and the feeling of weightlessness is so realistic. Well, first of all, I want to tell you the good news: those “if you dream that you fell from a height to the ground, then it means you are going to die in real Life” rumors are false! Have you ever tried to fall asleep when you suddenly have a feeling of falling? Some scientists believe that this is due to changes in blood pressure, as if you slipped and fell without realizing it. Although knowing this result seems to be of little use at the moment, but knowing the truth can make the “Dream Interpretation” more reasonable. Falling Dreams are often interpreted as a fear of losing control, emotional imbalance, etc.

  1. chasing
    Freud believed that this dream represented a specific sexual fear: castration for men and rape for women. But that Freudian line has been widely discarded, because he reduced everything to sex. More modern interpretations see chasing dreams as alluding to insecurities, your own insecurities or those of your surroundings, or related to unresolved guilt. Other interpretations suggest that what is chasing you in the dream is something you have not yet accepted in yourself.
  2. completely naked

In dreamland everything is OK, the elephant is roaming the streets, you are ready to make a presentation in front of the teacher and the cat jury, and then you realize, ah, no clothes! There are two general explanations for such naked dreams. One is the fear of being exposed, something you don’t want to be seen by everyone out in the open. Another explanation is low self-esteem, as if everyone can see through your weaknesses by the surface. However, if no one finds out you are naked in the dream, then the dream is telling you that you are afraid for nothing and your fears will not happen in reality.

  1. Injured

Being injured in a dream is related to the weaknesses you feel when you are awake. If it is a self-injury dream, it means that you are afraid that you will get in the way of your own interests. If it is someone else hurting you, it may mean you feel you are about to be fired. If you successfully defended yourself in the dream and prevented the injury, then this could be a good indication of your ability to resolve what is bothering you. If you are in pain in the dream, your mind may be associating it with pain that you have experienced before, or it may represent an emotional hurt.

  1. Losing a tooth

This common dream has several possible meanings. It can represent self-consciousness about appearance or age, or fear of losing face. This is a physiological explanation for the tooth loss dream: those who grind their teeth or have sensitive teeth are more likely to have a tooth loss dream. If you have a toothache and have a tooth loss dream in the middle of the night, then the dream is a reaction to an underlying concern in your consciousness.

  1. getting lost

Remember how the subconscious mind loves puns? It is also sometimes fond of mundane interpretations. Dreams of getting lost generally reflect a feeling of being lost. However it is important to know how you got lost. If your soul drifts to an unfamiliar place in the dream, it means you are not sure what you want and can’t make a decision. If you are just lost in the forest or in a strange city, it means that you have hit a bottleneck and are not making progress in some area of your life.

  1. Trapped

This is another mundane interpretation of a dream about being trapped reflecting the reality of a difficult situation. Maybe it’s being stuck in a dead end at work, or having no choice. Another, vaguer interpretation is an unwillingness to compromise. But usually, your subconscious mind is metaphorically pushing you to take action.

  1. exams

Apparently, this dream can’t be driven away until you graduate. You often have to dream about exams that you aren’t very good at. Theorists point out that this is because exams are really subconscious in real life, and subconsciously you will want to pass them perfectly. Dreaming about exams that you have not reviewed means that you are afraid to face the unknown challenges in your life. Failing an exam in a dream is considered a possible good sign.

  1. death

Just like losing your footing, you die in your dream, you don’t die in reality. Death in a dream does not represent waive luck anyway. Instead, death in a dream represents a new beginning, where the old parts of you make room for new opportunities. A dream about a grave or a tombstone means that some part of you is “dead”. Another widely held belief is that dreaming of death is an instinctive fear of death in your subconscious mind.

  1. betrayal

If you dream that your significant other is cheating on you, it does not mean that your subconscious mind has found any clues. Dreams of being betrayed by a friend or stabbed in the back by a friend show abandonment and alienation. If you often fear betrayal in your life, then your subconscious mind will also pick up on these messages and convey them to you in your dreams.