The British community pressure Lai Chi-ying case Hong Kong Department of Justice hired another master for David Perry

The Department of Justice (DoJ) has appointed David Perry QC to be the prosecutor in Hong Kong to handle the prosecution of Next Media Group founder Lai Chi-ying and Democratic Party founding chairman Lee Chu-ming, who were involved in an illegal assembly case in Victoria Park in August last year. The latest statement from the Department of Justice said another lawyer has been appointed.

The Department of Justice said that since the High Court approved David Perry’s appearance in the case on an “ad hoc basis”, there has been constant pressure and criticism from the British community against David Perry’s involvement in the case, and that some of the “one-sided criticism The Department of Justice quoted David Perry as saying that the case was a “one-sided criticism,” conflating the case with the National Security Act. The Department of Justice quoted David Perry as expressing concern about the pressure and the exemption from mandatory quarantine arrangements. Based on public interest and the imminence of the trial date, the Department of Justice has appointed another lawyer to handle the prosecution of the case.

Foreign Secretary Raab has denounced mercenary

The Department of Justice also said that it will strongly rebut all unfair and false allegations that seek to undermine and discredit the SAR’s independent criminal justice system.

The British Foreign Secretary, Mr. Raab, has criticized David Perry for taking over the case, which makes people feel mercenary, saying he does not understand how anyone can handle this case “with conscience”.

The former British Foreign Minister Malcolm Rifkind also wrote an article in the British press recently, criticizing the decision to appoint David Perry, questioning the political prosecution of the case, and arguing that David Perry has the right to refuse employment out of conscience.