Huang Zhi Feng’s parents and siblings left Hong Kong for Australia after selling their house below market value

The former secretary general of the Hong Kong House of Representatives, Huang Zhifeng, is still serving his sentence in prison, but some Hong Kong media reports indicate that Huang’s Parents and younger brother have left Hong Kong for Australia, and also sold their Home in the South China Sea peninsula for about 10% less than the market price.

The company’s father, Huang Weiming, his mother, Wu Qiumei, and his brother have been reported to have left Hong Kong for Australia, and in response to inquiries from Hong Kong media, Huang Weiming refused to respond on the grounds of “inconvenience. It is understood that Wong Wai Ming spent 4.15 million Hong Kong dollars in 2007 in the southern district of Hong Kong Island, Ap Lei Chau West “Haiyi Peninsula” to buy a high-rise residential property, sold at the end of 2020 for 9.8 million Hong Kong dollars, the average sale price per square foot is less than 10% of the sale price, the book profit of more than 5 million Hong Kong dollars.

The neighbors who live near the residence of Wong Wai Ming said that they seldom saw the Family in the past six months, and some neighbors pointed out that the Wong family did not live here from six months ago, and they did not see any lights on in their house for a long Time, so they might have been sold for a long time.

In addition, the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of the President Lee Cheuk-yan, Vice Chairman of the Democratic Party Lin Zhuo-ting and other people, also in the previous low price to sell their homes in Hong Kong, Lin Zhuo-ting said in an interview with the Sing Tao Daily, Hong Kong’s “political winter” is still very long, coupled with the lawsuit to pay legal fees, and the need for family living expenses and children’s schooling costs to make plans, among 16-year-old son to go abroad to study first, so decided to sell the house, but Lam Cheuk Ting stressed that he personally will not leave Hong Kong. As for selling the house at a price lower than the market price, Lam Cheuk Ting said, “That’s all just numbers, the most important thing is that the family is safe.”