The other side of the new first family… U.S. writer: Biden’s wife suspected of being a “mistress”, children are involved in drugs

The new U.S. President Joe Biden entered the White House on the 20th. Compared to the rigorous examination of the former first Family, the U.S. mainstream media rarely mentioned negative news about Biden’s family before and after the election. Last December, American Writer Joseph Epstein wrote a book to the Wall Street Journal forum, ridiculing Biden’s wife Jill (Jill Biden), who always called herself “Dr.”, and was immediately bombarded by the mainstream media. The other side of Biden’s family, such as Jill’s “wall” suspicions and her children’s involvement in drugs, has become a taboo subject for these American media.

Biden’s first wife, Neilia, was killed in a car accident in 1972, and their 13-month-old daughter, Naomi, was also killed in the accident. 1977 Biden and Jill remarried.

When Biden renewed his Marriage, he said to the public that the two met on a blind date, he was going through the pain of losing his wife, and Jill was also divorced, and the two were single when they met in 1975. Biden also said that he proposed to Jill five times before he finally got the girl. However, this romantic love story, but by Jill’s ex-husband Stevenson (Bill Stevenson) alleged that all lies.

Stevenson’s pre-election explosion, successively to the British “Sun” and “Daily Mail” accused Biden of lying, he and Jill as early as 1972 to meet Biden, when the couple 2 people also for Biden campaign senator, but Biden and Jill relationship ambiguous, he began to suspect Biden and his wife from August 1974 to have an affair, which is the main reason for the divorce of the two people.

Stephenson, now 72, told the Daily Mail late last year that he didn’t want to hurt anyone, but was about to publish a book that would expose the false story. He stressed that the truth is the truth and what has happened is what has happened. He also stressed that the book will definitely be published. He said, “She’d make a great First Lady – but that’s my story.”

In addition to the wall suspicion, Biden and Jill’s only jewel Ashley (Ashley Blazer Biden) possession of marijuana, smoking cocaine drug scandal, but also once again by the outside world test. Ashley, who has a drug addiction like her brother and Biden’s second son Hunter, was arrested for possession of marijuana in 1999, but was not convicted. She was arrested again in 2002 for obstruction.

According to the New York Post in late March 2009, when Biden was vice president in the Obama administration, a video of Ashley smoking cocaine through a red straw came to light. But her controversial behavior has not received much attention over the years, and she has since devoted herself to developing her social work and social justice career, as well as creating a charity clothing brand.

As for Biden’s second son, Hunter, in addition to the scandal of accepting benefits, he was discharged from the Navy Reserve the following year after testing positive for cocaine in a drug test in June 2013, and his incestuous relationship with his late brother’s widow was subsequently reported.