Poll: Nearly 80% of the people want Congress to focus on the epidemic, do not engage in impeachment

August 30, 2017,Jason Miller, a senior advisor to the Trump campaign, was interviewed by the media.

Recently, polls released in several battleground states show that nearly 80% of the public believes the U.S. Congress should focus on solving the Communist China virus (COVID-19) pandemic rather than impeaching President Trump.

Jason Miller, a senior adviser to the Trump 2020 campaign, told the show’s hosts on Newsmax TV Monday night (Jan. 11) that he had just seen poll numbers from swing states like North Carolina, Ohio, and Iowa and found that an overwhelming majority of people were disgusted by the idea of Congress impeaching the president.

Miller said, “We want to understand what the American public thinks, not just look at what House Speaker Pelosi and the mainstream media and big tech companies think and what they’re doing.” He said, “There are really some surprising numbers in (the poll). Actually, it’s not surprising to us, but maybe surprising to the super mob (of leftists).”

He talked about how “77 percent of voters in battleground states want Congress to focus on dealing with the CCP virus (New Crown virus) rather than going after the impeachment of President Trump and all that kind of nonsense. Another 74 percent say impeachment is clearly politically motivated.”

Miller said the poll also asked voters about their views on large technology companies such as Twitter and Facebook and the actions they are taking to limit conservative ideas and views. Both of these social media giants have banned Trump from using their platforms since the riots at the Capitol.

“In response 74 percent of voters say that if they [big tech companies] are doing this to the president of the United States, they’re going to do it to Trump supporters,” Miller said, adding, “70 percent say these companies have gotten bigger and bigger. We need to take action, whether it’s breaking them up or thinking about some anti-trust thing.

It’s heartening to see Americans recognizing this stuff,” he said. They see through the pretense of the Democratic left, the big tech companies and big media, and see what they’re doing right now. They are trying to suppress everyone who voted for President Trump. It’s really nice to know (that people understand the truth).”

Earlier Monday, Miller said, he went to Liveshots TV in Washington, D.C., to prepare for an appearance, but was called off. “I walked in and they said, ‘Oh, you’re on the list associated with the New Coronavirus, so we can’t let you in,'” he said. “I said, ‘Oh, wait a minute, I didn’t catch the CCA virus. There’s no report that I have the infection.’ And they said, ‘Well, it’s because of the people around you. It’s because you’ve been to the White House.'”

He concluded by reminding Trump supporters that if you support President Trump, it’s important to understand one thing, “These mobs may come for you because they’re mad, they’re out of their minds, they’re out of control. They want to wipe out 75 million good Americans.”