Overseas Organizations Helping the Communist Party Scavenge Advanced Technologies Have Close Ties to the Communist Party’s United Front Department – These Organizations Are Called “Chambers of Commerce” and “Associations,” but They Are Actually Close to the Communist Party’s United Front Department

Recently, a number of internal documents have been obtained, revealing that the Communist Party’s United Front Department has been helping mainland enterprises scour overseas for advanced technologies through overseas organizations. It is worth noting that most of these companies are focusing on the key areas of “Made in China 2025”.

Documents Leak on EU Guangxi Chamber of Commerce’s Relationship with Liuzhou Foreign Affairs Office

A document obtained from Liuzhou authorities dated August 16, 2017, entitled “Meeting Program of the Matchmaking Symposium between Liuzhou Enterprises and the EU Guangxi Chamber of Commerce” reveals that the meeting was hosted by the Liuzhou Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, and that the participants included some officials from the Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, the Municipal Industry and Information Commission, and an expert delegation led by the President of the EU Guangxi Chamber of Commerce, Huang X.

Another document obtained leaked the “docking content” of the EU Guangxi Chamber of Commerce and Liuzhou enterprises.

In an internal letter from the Liuzhou Foreign Affairs Office to the Liudong New Area Management Committee, the Liuzhou authorities stated that the EU Guangxi Chamber of Commerce would sign an agreement with Liuzhou Kaiyu Plastic Machinery Co.

A document titled “Schedule of the EU Guangxi Chamber of Commerce in Liuzhou” shows that on August 15, the day before, the Liuzhou Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the EU Guangxi Chamber of Commerce.

In the “Summary of the work of the Economic Liaison Section in the first half of 2017”, the President of the EU Guangxi Chamber of Commerce, Huang X, said that the Chamber was willing to deepen cooperation between Germany and Liuzhou in projects such as the automotive industry and vocational education.

The leaked document shows that overseas Chinese leaders have expressed their desire to integrate their careers into the Communist Party’s “One Belt, One Road” strategy and become a bridge and ambassador for Liuzhou to the world.

The European Union Guangxi Chamber of Commerce (EU-GX) is an organization jointly established by entrepreneurs in the European Union, overseas Chinese of Guangxi origin, scholars, representatives of business institutions in Europe, and organizations and people with economic ties to Guangxi.

Although the Chamber was established overseas, the main objective of its work is “to promote the economic development of Guangxi as an opportunity to promote the use of foreign investment, the introduction of advanced technology and management experience, and effectively consolidate the economic and trade cooperation and exchange between Guangxi and Europe”.

It is worth noting that all the above internal documents come from the Liuzhou Foreign Affairs Office; the unit responsible for the EU Guangxi Chamber of Commerce’s visit to Liuzhou is the Foreign Affairs Office; and the letter of the Chamber’s visit to the Liudong New Area Management Committee is also stamped by the Foreign Affairs Office.

At present, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office is an additional brand of the United Front Work Department of the Communist Party of China, which is “the unified leadership of the United Front Work Department for overseas united front work and management of administrative affairs of overseas Chinese”. The office is located in the same place as the Liuzhou Foreign Affairs Office.

Authorization Letter Leaks Communist State Enterprise’s Search for Overseas Advanced Technology Process

In the “Liudong New Area Call for Projects, Technologies and Funds Cooperation Registration Form”, a number of Liuzhou enterprises need advanced technologies from overseas are leaked. Kaiyu Plastic Machinery is one of them.

Kaiyu Plastic Machinery’s needs are: the introduction of advanced special unique injection molding machine industry technical support. From the involved to production, to improve the performance of the machine at the same time, to ensure the quality of the machine. Such as: let the company’s technical staff to get the relevant technical training, workshop technicians assembly training, quality control in the whole process.

In terms of “financial needs” mentioned that the injection molding machine industry to acquire a joint venture, the amount of money within 6 million euros.

Kaiyu plastic machinery from state-owned enterprises, the main business “Kaiyuan brand” precision energy-saving injection molding machine.

Ltd. is in need of a joint project to develop an automatic parking system. The company also needs hardware and software developers and foreign personnel to do in-depth technical research directly. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of an electronic research institute of the Ministry of Aviation Industry (Huahang Electric Factory), which was established in Liuzhou in 1986 and restructured.

Introduction of permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine technology or new technology of innovative machinery type products.

Guangxi Shenghe Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. needs: to introduce the world’s four advanced waste terminal treatment technologies, etc.

Liuzhou Dali Electric Factory wants to introduce the lean production (DMS) model, which is more popular in Japan, Europe and the United States.

Access to Kaiyu Plastics Machinery June 7, 2017, the “authorization” document leaked, to help Kaiyu Plastics Machinery to obtain overseas advanced technology, it is the European Union Guangxi Chamber of Commerce.

The document reveals that “Kaiyu Plastics Machinery authorized Dipl.- Lng. Mr. Manfred Opel, Ms. Huang X and Dr. Chen X to conduct friendly discussions with the German company on behalf of our company regarding cooperation between the two sides.”

Current affairs commentator Li Linyi believes that the Liuzhou enterprises to describe what kind of advanced technology they need, and then by the Foreign Affairs Office to contact the relevant overseas organizations to help enterprises to find, scavenge or steal the overseas advanced technology of their choice, the Chinese Communist Party has played this game to perfection. The cooperation between Kaiyu Plastics Machinery, formerly a state-owned enterprise, and the European Union Guangxi Chamber of Commerce is a telling example.

Matching the technology needs of Chinese enterprises China Association of Traveling Scientists is one of the organizers of the event

Not only in Europe, but also in the United States, there are organizations that help Chinese companies to match their technology needs, and one of them is the China Association for Science and Technology in the United States.

In 2016, the “7th China (Wuhu) Science and Technology Products Expo and Trade Fair – Sea Wisdom Project Matching Activity Notice” issued by the organizing committee of “Anhui Sea Wisdom Matching Activity” on June 12 of that year leaked that the Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Association organized the Sea Wisdom Project Matching Activity and invited about 40 sea wisdom experts with high-tech projects to attend the meeting and exchange and matchmaking in Anhui.

The organizers of this activity are Anhui Science and Technology Association and China Association of Traveling Scientists. The notice mentions that overseas talents in Wuhu, Maanshan, Chuzhou and Anqing will be responsible for their accommodation and travel expenses by the local municipal science association.

The Anhui Provincial Science Association is a local organization of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and a constituent unit of the Chinese Communist Party’s Anhui Provincial Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), which receives operational guidance from CAST. The CPPCC is one of the united war organizations of the CCP.

The CSTA was founded in New York in 1992, and its members are mainly composed of Chinese professionals living in the United States from the fields of science and technology, culture, education, law, finance, and humanities. There are currently sixteen chapters and professional societies throughout the United States, with members in dozens of states and liaison offices in a dozen mainland provinces and cities.

From the summary table of the needs of the sea wisdom docking projects of several cities in Anhui, there are 37 needs of sea wisdom docking projects in Anqing; 26 in Wuhu; and 23 in Chuzhou.

From the demand of these enterprises, most of them are in the key development fields of “Made in China 2025”, such as robotics, intelligent manufacturing, new energy vehicles, etc.

Such as Anqing Hengchang Machinery Manufacturing Co.

Anqing Dingli Auto Parts Co., Ltd: software development for intelligent robots to manufacture key parts for internal combustion engines.

Wuhu Hart Robotics Industry Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd: industrial robot intelligence.

Wuhu Hongjing Electronics Co., Ltd: New energy automotive electronics.

Chuzhou Chengye Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd: Welding of equipment and military products.

Wuhu Ruiwan Manufacturing Co., Ltd: Robot automation transformation of casting grinding process.

Wuhu Hart Robotics Industry Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd: Multimodal data fusion for service robots.

Overseas Chinese figures active in the United States and China

The obtained document “Guangxi Overseas Exchange Association Council Member Recommendation Registration Form” reveals that XX Zhang, an overseas Chinese figure active between the U.S. and China, a Chinese American and a distinguished professor recognized by the U.S. Department of State, has repeatedly received awards from the Chinese Communist Party.

Zhang XX’s self-introduction: He taught at Huazhong University of Science and Technology from 1970 to 1986, and has been the subject leader of the School of Computer Science and the School of Software at Guangxi University of Science and Technology since 1987, undertaking more than 30 scientific research projects, of which 10 achievements have won ministerial and provincial science and technology progress awards, 17 achievements have won national patents, publishing 5 monographs and nearly 100 papers at home and abroad. 1992 In February 1996, he was selected by the Ministry of Education of the Communist Party of China to be a senior visiting scholar at a well-known university in the United States, and in January 1998, he was recognized as a distinguished professor by the U.S. Department of State.

Awards received by Zhang XX: In August 2012, his team of overseas Chinese entrepreneurs was awarded the 4th CPC Overseas Chinese Contribution Award; in August 2013, the team was recognized by the State Overseas Chinese Affairs Office as a key overseas Chinese entrepreneurial team; in September 2014, Zhang XX was awarded the 5th CPC Overseas Chinese Contribution Award (Innovative Talent Award); in July 2013, Zhang XX became a leading science and technology entrepreneurial talent in Nanjing.

From November 26 to 29, 2017, a joint meeting of the presidents of overseas Chinese professional associations was held in Nanchang, sponsored by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Communist Party of China. Internal documents mention that Zhang was received by the then secretary of Jiangxi, Lu Xinshe, as a representative of the overseas presidents and was placed at the main table of the welcome dinner.

In the Registration Form for the 2016 Liuzhou Overseas High-Level Talent and Project Matchmaking Meeting, it is mentioned that Zhang XX is currently a member of the China Overseas Chinese Business Council for Science and Technology Innovation; vice president of the European and American Elite Entrepreneurs Association; executive director of the China Chunhui Cup Enterprise Alliance; and executive director of the Changchun Overseas Friendship Association.

The document reveals that Zhang XX is involved in the project “Big Data Intelligent health Detection System”, which belongs to the field of electronic information and intelligent manufacturing.

These areas overlap with the key areas of the 14th Five-Year Plan of the Chinese Communist Party.

Zhang’s “contributions” are also reported in detail on the Chinese American Professors and Experts website.