A little sex game to “play” for sexual pleasure.

For orgasm is the kind of intense and exciting pleasure, orgasm has always been a concern for both men and women, without good sexual skills is difficult to make both parties orgasm, leads to women desire their own orgasm, to experience that feeling of sexual extremes. And men also want their partners to have orgasms, not only to satisfy her, but also to be a physical affirmation of their own. mm orgasm strategies revealed.

Half of men don’t understand the G-spot

In an extensive survey by sexologists, most wives and about half of their husbands don’t know exactly where the clitoris is, and even less about its function and purpose. But this part of the sexual organ, but can make a woman orgasm. It’s a good idea to learn how to flirt with a woman’s “front end” to surprise her.

The study by sexologists found that 89% of women’s orgasms come from clitoral stimulation. It’s unimaginable for a man to have an orgasm without stimulating his penis, and likewise, 5-15 minutes of foreplay is necessary for a woman to have an orgasm or enjoy a perfect sexual experience.

mm orgasm strategy: teasing the g-spot to give her a quick orgasm

Where exactly is the female G-spot located?

Ninety percent of provocative orgasms come from the G-spot? The clitoris is located at the top part of the anterior conjoined labia and consists of a pair of clitoral sponges. The entire clitoris consists of three segments: the clitoral foot, the clitoral body and the clitoral head. A well-developed clitoris can be seen from the outside and is about 2cm long and 0.5cm in diameter.

The clitoris is the most nervously sensory and sensitive female sexual organ and is usually covered by the clitoral foreskin. It has the same hardness as the tip of the nose when fully erected to the touch.

A man masturbated in the street and shot a woman in the face with his semen.

A man while riding a battery-powered bike passed the woman’s stopping place, stopped and pulled out his huge genitals to masturbate, then also sprayed semen on the woman’s face, and then also fondled her bottom with his hands.

The man masturbated in the street and shot a woman in the face with his semen.

Recently, a woman who was resting on the side of the road because she was drunk was molested by a man dressed in white. The man while riding a battery-powered car through the woman’s stopping place, stopping to pull out his huge genitals to masturbate, then also spraying semen on the woman’s face, then also stroking the woman’s lower body with his hands. Someone saw this and immediately called the police.

The police arrived at the scene, accessed road surveillance and quickly apprehended the man. The man’s body was also found with the items he stole from the woman, as well as the man’s spare Ebola pants. The man said he saw a drunken woman on the side of the road and made an obscene act on her, because he was using the aphrodisiac panties to enlarge his sex organs.

Man masturbates in the street using semen on woman’s face

The man’s aphrodisiac panties are called easy-bore energy pants, which are said to activate the penis growth factor and make the genitals bigger. In fact, this aphrodisiac panties is a kind of magnetic therapy health care panties, there is to regulate the scrotum temperature, keep a constant temperature, to reach the sperm and sperm, deodorant, dehumidification and other effects, applicable to prostatitis, premature ejaculation, circumcision, waist acid and other people. The effect is obvious, pure physical effect, safe and reliable. Compared with other types of health panties on the market, Ebmax Energy Pants have a stronger magnetic effect and a more obvious effect.

As a new type of men’s health care product, the Cyber Energy Pants are also the second generation of the hot selling Yubo Magnetic Energy Pants in 2013. The fabric of these pants contains magnets placed at corresponding human body acupoints, which release electromagnetic energy that can effectively improve male reproductive function, strengthen the prostate gland, balance hormone levels, regulate male endocrine secretion, enhance testosterone secretion and promote the secondary development of the corpus cavernosum.

So it would seem that the aphrodisiac panties should work well. But why is this man so sexually aroused? Let’s put aside the effect of this aphrodisiac panties, just what men need to pay attention to when using these sex toys. Some men may suffer from impotence, erectile dysfunction and other sexual function diseases, and have problems with their sex life, so some will look for ways to help with sex, such as in the past men with the help of little blue pills, only now that technology is becoming more and more hairy, men have more and more options.

It’s true that sex toys can help men improve their sexuality to some extent, but there may also be “consequences”. If you don’t, you won’t be masturbating in the street, spraying semen on a woman’s face in the street, or molesting a woman at home to be named a pervert. The actual actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time.

The actual fact is that you will be able to find a lot of people who are not in a position to be able to get the most out of the product.

The best way to tease a sexual kitten is to make her climb into my bed nightly.

Sex is a very complicated thing, not a simple piston exercise, to have a perfect sex, you need to tease the two people before sex completely, only then can better enjoy the next sex, how to provoke your woman’s lust, so that she can not stop, is a man should know the method. If you are inexperienced, then quickly learn the best way to tease the sexual kitten.

Kiss her but don’t touch her.

This is a difficult step for many men to take. At this point you have to insist on doing this torture on her, insisting on moving only on her lips and not touching her anywhere else.

Many women complain that her man doesn’t give enough kisses, so you must make this effort from time to time. Place your hand on her cheek and kiss her on the lips. Spend three minutes kissing her on the lips slowly and deeply. Not only will this drive her wild with excitement, but it will also make her relish it for a long time, especially if you don’t make any other hints of wanting to make love to her.

Great ways to tease a sexual kitten and get her to crawl into my bed night after night.

Get up in the morning and seduce her.

This is one of the hardest ways to do it. Because if she can’t resist your seduction and responds enthusiastically, you won’t be able to hold yourself back. Wake up in the morning, stroke her, stimulate her sensitive zones, and when she starts to get excited, you stop and ask her if she wants more. She will, of course, give you an affirmative answer, and you will have to tell her to wait until evening. She’ll be looking forward to a crazy night like this all day, when she gets home from work and unleashes the pent-up desire she’s had all day.

Many men are not born knowing how to seduce a woman, he needs to learn and put it into practice. Use these seven ways to make your woman crazy for you.

The best way to tease a sexual kitten is to make her climb into my bed night after night.

Tell me something dirty.

What’s the best way to get a woman excited? It’s to get her brain excited first, of course, and if you have a way to get her to start springing into action, you’ll have her craving your give right away.

Depending on the way she communicates with you, you can pick up her conversation and then subtly talk to her in sexually appropriate language. Are you and she going to be dirty talkers in bed? Does she like you to talk dirty or does she prefer you in a more romantic way? Use your wisdom to seduce her over the phone before you enter the room, or you can even do this when you are watching TV together. Your goal is to make her imagine all the nasty things you will do to her and you have to make her understand how badly you want to fuck her.

Great ways to tease a sexually aroused kitten and get her to crawl into my bed night after night.

Massage her body.

Whether she is naked or in her underwear, lay her down on the bed and gently massage her starting with her back. Start at the back and work your way down until you get close to her buttocks, but don’t touch her buttocks. Skip this area and massage down to her ankles.

Now, turn her around and start massaging her neck, shoulders and her arms. Then start massaging the sides of her body, close to her breasts, but don’t touch them either. Even if you are massaging her cleavage, don’t touch her there breasts.

Massage down to her stomach and span. Gently massage her mound, she may be restless and you may be horny, but you should never approach her vagina. She may be restless, and you may be aroused, but don’t approach her vagina. She may not be able to hold you down at this point, or you may continue to massage her until she is close to orgasm.

How to make a sexually arousing kitten crawl into my bed night after night

Tapping on her vagina.

Although it’s not a high-tech study and many men don’t know how to do it. You have to gently tease her vagina with your tongue and make sure that the air around her is cool rather than hot. For a woman, a cool breeze blowing around her hot vagina is the best thing you can do.

Open her legs and slowly slide them to her sensitive spot. You have your face close to her and let her see you inhale her scent deeply. The next step is to stick out your tongue and gently tap her vagina with the tip of your tongue.