Russia cancels Nov. 7 Red Square parade due to epidemic

On October 31, local time, Russia’s Moscow city government’s regional security and anti-corruption bureau announced the cancellation of a military parade in Red Square scheduled for November 7, RIA Novosti reported. The Moscow city government decided to cancel mass gatherings on November 4 and November 7, including the annual military parade in Red Square, due to the intensification of the neo-crown epidemic in the Moscow region, the news agency said.

The military parade in Moscow’s Red Square on November 7, 1941, was of historic significance. At that time, the Soviet Union was in the most difficult stage of the Great Patriotic War, the Nazi German army was approaching the city of Moscow, the situation was extremely serious. In order to boost morale, the Soviet government held a grand parade in Red Square, where the troops were marched directly to the front line to fight the Germans. To commemorate this important historical event, the Moscow city government holds a military parade in Red Square every year on November 7, commemorating the 1941 Red Square parade of the Great Patriotic War.

According to information released on the Russian new coronavirus epidemic prevention website, as of the morning of October 31, Moscow time, Russia had 18,140 new cases of new coronavirus confirmed cases, with a total of nearly 1.62 million cases diagnosed. In the capital city of Moscow, 4,952 new cases have been confirmed, with a total of more than 420,000 confirmed cases.