What are the causes of frequent urination in women?

Lei JiaYin live broadcast open Tang Wei physiological privacy, frequent toilet affects filming

Recently, Tang Wei and Lei Jiayin went on a live show together to promote their new movie “The Whistle Blower”, during the show, Lei Jiayin was asked by the host “What can’t you stand about Tang Wei during the filming”, and Lei Jiayin said that she can’t stand that Tang Wei always goes to the toilet during the shooting of the rival movie. As soon as he said this, both Tang Wei and the hostess were embarrassed, but Lei Jiayin didn’t seem to realize that it was a matter of women’s privacy which was not suitable to be discussed in such a public place, and continued to spit. Later on, Tang Wei probably felt embarrassed and frustrated, and couldn’t hold back from crying.

Netizens have been talking about Lei Jia Yin’s low love quotient, how can a woman’s privacy be discussed in such a public place? There are also netizens who said that Tang Wei just gave birth to a child, it is normal to have frequent urination, Lei Jiayin as the father of the child, how would not know, and still so open others privacy is really inappropriate.

The reason for the frequent urination, the actress will also have a hidden secret, what is the reason?

Always running to the toilet, in fact, is the frequency of urination. For filming always running to the toilet this thing, Tang Wei also made an explanation after the incident, said it is not the netizens rumored postpartum disorder, because the previous period of time, the body is not good health, antibiotics take too much, resulting in the body disorder.

Urgent urination, many women have had, it will have a great impact on women’s daily life and work, so what are the causes of urinary frequency and urgency?

  1. Increased urine output

When a woman drinks a lot of water, drinks or eats watery fruits such as watermelon, she may experience frequent urination due to increased urine output.

  1. bladder causes

Frequent urination can also occur when the bladder capacity is reduced for some reason, such as when a woman is in late pregnancy because the uterus presses on the bladder.

  1. Inflammation of the urinary tract

Some urinary tract inflammations and urinary tract infections can also cause inflammatory urinary frequency, urgency, and pain, such as urethritis and cystitis.

  1. specific diseases

In addition to urinary tract diseases, some specific diseases can also cause women to urinate frequently, such as bladder foreign bodies, bladder stones, and bladder tumors.

  5. Psychological factors

  Some women may also experience urinary urgency and frequency when they are overstressed, and this can be done with good self-emotional regulation.

  Women’s urinary frequency is not a trivial matter, may suggest the occurrence of certain diseases, women friends must not be careless, must promptly seek medical attention.