Private topics: what parts of a man do women love to stare at?

When we meet a new friend, we meet and observe. When a woman meets a man for the first time, where does she observe first? What parts of a man do women like to look at the most?

What parts of a man do women love to stare at?

For women all over the world, a man’s well-formed buttocks are the most important part of a man’s body. Because the glutes give men a direct impulse to engage in sexual contact, this means that such men have a better chance of reproducing, which is also an important indication of sexual characteristics. If men consistently do at least 30 quick squats each in the morning and evening, they will build super attractive glutes.

Statistically, men with the following body types are most desirable to women.

175-183 cm in height.

Body weight 150-180 kg.

More muscular, good lines – lines must be good, waist should be thin, abdominal muscles should be very obvious, buttocks should be round and upturned, legs should not be too thick and not too thin, but strong lines should be good, shoulders should be wide, deltoid biceps should be very obvious, arms should not be too thick.

In summary, a man’s broad shoulders, rounded hips, thin and upright waist on the female most destructive.

Women look at the order of men

  1. Height

Girls generally look at the first look at boys will can’t help but pay attention to the height of the boys, she may not have noticed your looks, but the height left her an impression, which is the height of her dream lover line.

  1. Appearance

If a girl sees a boy with the right height and dressed neatly, the next step to do is to look at the boy’s appearance, but this is not very important, as long as the appearance is not very strange, generally no problem, which is a lot of boys think they are very handsome, features but not how the origin.

  1. details

If a girl is interested in you, she will observe some very smiling aspects, just as a man in love with a woman you will even pay attention to her eyelashes, this time the girl will carefully taste your clothes, see your clothing color, with whether reasonable, will judge from inside you in the end is rich or not, will pay attention to whether you have a mobile phone in your pocket and so on.


The girl will try to find out if the boy is a playboy, character is irritable, usually have a few girlfriends, love to play with men or love to play with girls and so on.

  1. family situation

The girl will want to know about your family situation, where the people, ever had a girlfriend.