Can a woman with vaginitis still have sex? Can it be transmitted to a partner?

Vaginismus is a common female disease that not only makes a woman itch from time to time, but also affects her daily life. Many women are afraid to have sex after suffering from vaginitis. So, can women with vaginismus still have sex?

Your vaginal infection may be related to sex.

Although vaginal infections are not necessarily caused by sexual transmission, the excitement from lovemaking, changes in vaginal pH due to semen, and unclean lovemaking can increase the risk of vaginal infections.

This is because a woman’s vagina harbors an abundance of bacteria, some beneficial and some harmful, with the beneficial bacteria acting as a deterrent to the harmful ones. When this balance is upset, women are more prone to vaginal infections, the most common being bacterial vaginosis, candida vaginosis and trichomonas vaginosis.

Is it possible to have vaginitis and still have sex? Don’t make love during treatment.

Lovemaking is a common activity between men and women, and when women suffer from vaginal infections, men can easily get infected through lovemaking. This way, even if a woman is treated for vaginal infection, she may not get better and every time you make love is enough to re-infect you again.

So, don’t make love while a woman is being treated for vaginismus, and wait until it is treated before you make love again. It is also important to bring your partner with you for treatment in order to eliminate the possibility of infecting each other with lovemaking again.

What to do if you have recurring vaginal infections?

Many women suffer from recurring vaginal infections, which can affect their lovemaking pleasure. In fact, the main culprit behind recurring vaginitis is incomplete treatment. It is a good idea to buy some lotion or anti-inflammatory pills to deal with vaginal infections, but this is not enough.

If you are suffering from vaginitis, you should take medication under the guidance of a specialist and review your leucorrhoea routine regularly. If you have vaginitis, you should take medication and review your vaginal discharge regularly, and if your vaginal discharge is normal and sterile after 3 menstrual cycles, you will be successful in your fight.

If you are suffering from vaginitis and still want to have sex, treat vaginitis as soon as possible. Only if both men and women are treated together, then you will be able to enjoy sweet love after a normal test.