What are the effects of early sex on people? At what age is it better to start? I know what I’m talking about now.

“We couldn’t get the money, but many people scolded us”, said Ah Mak in distress.

They decided to fall in love at an early age and went to work abroad together after dropping out of junior high school.

When Missy was 17 years old, she got pregnant unexpectedly, so they decided to get married and gave birth to two children, with the third one being born.

But fate played a joke on them.

In August this year, two-year-old Erwa got acute myeloid leukemia, the couple posted their experience to the Internet to raise funds for medical expenses, but did not expect to attract a lot of criticism.
The blame mainly comes from two aspects, one is early love and early marriage, the other is that they have too many children.

Ah Jo said, “I was young and ignorant and thought life was too simple, but now I know life is not easy until I have experienced it.

It is well known that starting sex too early can have an impact on one’s health and on one’s offspring. However, in reality, there are many people like Jo and Jo who have sex too early and become parents too early.

How early is too early to start having sex?

For premature sex this problem, we have different arguments. According to the Beijing hospital gynecology chief physician Li Ye, the key to determine whether a person can begin to live with a family name depends on the maturity of the reproductive organs. Many people think that the second feature of development, it means that you can start having sex. This is actually incorrect, even if the second feature appears, the development of the reproductive organs will take some time to mature.

In general, the female reproductive organs mainly include the internal and external genitalia. For example, a woman’s ovaries, which are extremely small until the age of 8, begin to develop at the age of 8-10, when the first menstrual period comes, and the weight of the ovaries is 30% of that of mature ovaries.

According to survey data, most teenagers in China do not reach maturity until they are about 18 years old. From a medical point of view, the age at which all the sexual organs of the human body mature is around 18 years of age. So simply put, starting to have sex before the age of 18 is considered too early.

These dangers come at the door if you start to taste the forbidden fruit too early.

One moment of fun, one moment of pleasure. Starting sex too early can make you pay for being young and uninformed. There are 3 major harms associated with starting sex too early.

  1. Genital duct injuries and infections

In adolescent females, the genital tracts are still immature and the vulva and vagina are relatively delicate, so early initiation of sexual intercourse can result in severe tearing of the hymen and vaginal lacerations, which can cause bleeding. At the same time, some pathogenic microorganisms may invade the body through the wound, causing infection.

  1. Mental health problems

If you start having sex too early in a “sneaky” situation, you will only put yourself in an overly stressful emotional state. Many young people do not know enough about sex and are afraid of being told about the forbidden fruit, or even have anxiety disorders because they are afraid of getting pregnant. In the face of these anxieties, it is likely that the person will develop an aversion to men, a diminished libido, and an aversion to sex.

  1. Pregnancy brings negative consequences

A woman’s ability to bear children usually begins after the onset of menarche. If sex starts too early and you don’t know how to take safety precautions, you can get pregnant too early. For adolescent women, pregnancy can be overwhelming, so many will choose to have an abortion. Abortion is very harmful to a woman’s body and can lead to a series of complications and multiple miscarriages that may result in infertility.

Early pregnancy should not be a trend

Today is an era of network information bombardment, any information can be quickly known. It’s not just a matter of time, it’s a matter of time.

In today’s online social media platforms, early pregnancy is popular, some people even feel that when the “teenage mother” is very glorious. A media has done statistics, in some video platforms, just manually search out underage pregnant women, underage mothers and underage second-born mothers, there are hundreds. However, behind these “teenage mothers”, are interests in the furor.

The existence of these phenomena will only set a bad example for future generations, and for some underage girls who are not yet able to tell right from wrong, seeing such information or videos will only mislead them and create an imitation effect. For some underage girls who are not yet able to distinguish between right and wrong, seeing such information or videos will only mislead them and create an imitation effect. Therefore, some online platforms should strictly review the content and minimize the appearance of such misleading educational content in the users’ view. In addition, as a parent, you should also teach your children more about sex education and show more concern for them.

Tell us, have you ever met a mother in your life who is too young?