U.S. financial tycoon asserted: Jack Ma will be imprisoned for more than 10 years

Alibaba founder Jack Ma has not appeared in public for more than 2 months. Kyle Bass, a well-known American hedge fund mogul, asserted that Jack Ma would be sentenced to more than 10 years in prison.

Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba and Ant Group, has disappeared from public view for more than 2 months. U.S. media CNBC reporter Faber (David Faber) 5 cited informed sources, Ma actually did not disappear, just need to temporarily maintain a low profile.

On the same day, the well-known American hedge fund tycoon, Hayman Capital (Hayman Capital) founder Bass tweeted, asserting that Ma would be sentenced to prison within 18 months, squatting on more than 10 years of hard time.

He cited the example of Meng Hongwei, former chairman of Interpol and former vice minister of the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of Public Security, who suddenly “disappeared” several years ago and was eventually expelled from the Communist Party and sentenced to more than 10 years in prison, and was publicly attacked by the Communist Party for his “lack of party principles.

In addition to Meng Hongwei, Bass said that Ma could end up like Wang Jian, the former chairman of HNA Group, who died in a bizarre cliff fall in France a few years ago, or like Wu Xiaohui, the former chairman of Anbang Insurance Group, who was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

In response to Bass’s question, CNBC reporter Faber tweeted, “I don’t believe Ma will succumb to the fate of the other Chinese executives you listed. Ma kept quiet for now? Yes, disappeared? Nope.”

Bass then called on Faber to bet against him. Bass asserted that within the next 18 months, Ma would not only be banished from society, but also sentenced to prison for more than 10 years of hard time, and that he was willing to make a gentleman’s bet with Faber on this.

The analysis said that Ma’s future fate may be two kinds, one is to go to the big jail. (Screenshot of the video)

Analysis: Jack Ma may have two kinds of endings

After Ma criticized financial regulators at the Bund Financial Summit in Shanghai on Oct. 24, 2020, he was subjected to a major Cultural Revolution-style criticism by the Communist Party’s official media for several days in a row. Ma was then interviewed, and the Ant Group’s IPO was halted; the planned Kunming campus of Lakeside University, a group of wealthy businessmen founded by Ma, was also cut short; and finally, Alibaba was investigated.

The self-published “Cold Eye on Finance” said that the Chinese Communist Party’s authorities have “a very bad and unusual situation”. He believes that Ma may be involved in the CCP’s power struggle, and even though he is backed by the Jiang faction, he still cannot escape the fate of being suppressed.

As for the CCP’s motive, he thinks it may be worried that Ma, a capital giant, will have political aspirations. Ma has publicly said that “the best business model is to build a country,” which has also aroused the scorn of the Communist Party’s top brass. Ma is not a red offspring, but he has a capital empire that could affect the lives of Chinese people and even shake the Communist Party’s national foundation.

The financial cold eye says that Ma would be better off handing over his assets in exchange for his personal safety, but that is basically out of the question at this point. It seems that the Chinese Communist Party is determined to grab the past. He said Ma’s future fate could be one of two kinds, one is to go to jail, like Wu Xiaohui, the former chairman of Anbang; and another is to die mysteriously, there are too many such cases.

Ma’s whereabouts have been a mystery since the authorities cracked down on him.

The Financial Times reported on the 1st that Jack Ma, who was a judge at the 1st final, had disappeared from the panel of judges at the 2nd final of the “African Entrepreneur Competition” led by the Jack Ma Foundation.

In response, an Alibaba spokesperson said that Jack Ma “is no longer a finalist in the 2020 Africa Startup Competition” due to “scheduling conflicts.

But in August 2020, before the final round, Ma said on Weibo that he couldn’t wait to meet the participants, but oddly enough, Ma’s Weibo account has not been updated since then, after he usually posted several posts a day on a regular basis.

British media outlet Dailymail reports that the Communist Party has a long history of ruthlessly cracking down on domestic critics: in March 2020, Chinese property tycoon Ren Zhiqiang was sentenced to 18 years in prison six months after he disappeared for slamming Xi Jinping as a “clown”; Xiao Jianhua, the head of the “Tomorrow System Xiao Jianhua, the head of the “Tomorrow System,” was taken away in 2017, and officials have not yet explained his whereabouts.

The report said that Ma, an English teacher by trade who previously had a near-rock star status in China, disappeared from public view altogether in a sudden change that was particularly striking at a time when the Communist Party’s regulatory authorities were eyeing Alibaba and Ant Group.