The US election is a good one! Hollywood stars pick sides as Republican Kingpin backs down on Biden

If you want to use a sentence to describe the current U.S. political scene, there is no better way to describe it than “you’re singing and I’m on”. In Trump’s tongue, a person dislike Obama Hillary plus Biden’s case, Pompeo and other White House officials, has begun to have the intention of cutting with Trump – whether it is the release of the “email door” documents, or to play on the theme of attacking the Democratic Party, Trump’s words have been bad.

Let Trump did not expect, in the Republican Party senior collective “anti-water”, the Republican Party gold masters actually also chose to go against Biden.

In 2016, the Wall Street elite provided more than $20 million in campaign funds for Trump, but four years later, in 2020, the same group raised only $13 million for Trump. Worse, at a time when polling data and swing-state public opinion is skewing in favor of the Democrats, all of these Wall Street gold-diggers have gone over to Biden’s side.

That means: while Trump is sorely missing an arm, Biden has a strong aide, and how can the gap between the one and the other not leave Trump on thin ice?

By all accounts, Trump has taken care of many Wall Street companies over the past four years – Trump’s decision to cut taxes for U.S. corporations has gained the support of many Wall Street plutocrats, but in the blink of an eye, these Republican Party gold masters are “anti-water”, in the end why?

Republican gold masters have said that the epidemic just gave Wall Street financial people “leave Trump” reason, more and more Wall Street plutocrats think, Biden is more likely to win, this time with Trump “keep your distance” is the appropriate choice.

The report said the 2020 election will be the most money-burning presidential election in the history of the United States, the total cost reached $11 billion, Biden became the Democratic presidential candidates, “helicopter money” is to enter the white-hot stage, and the United States two parties are not lack of big gold support.

The Republican gold, the most generous when the Mellon, he is the famous Mellon family’s reclusive heir, so far, Mellon donated more than $30 million to the Republican Party, and directly for Trump to provide $10 million support. In addition, Zuckerberg has also provided $60 million to the Democratic Party.

Also, the Silicon Valley elite and Hollywood actors are starting to pick sides, major powers are almost all giving generously to the Democrats, and Trump is helpless.

Three cursory observations.

First, it’s true that running for president in the United States is a very cash-burning affair, but for Trump, it’s not even a thing – Trump himself is not short of money. What Trump really cares about, is why the Republican Party’s financial owners abandoned him as the “Chosen One”.

Secondly, there is a big difference between the gold owners behind the two parties, generally speaking, the Republican gold owners are mainly plutocrats and arms dealers, but Trump not only hasn’t fought a war in four years, but also tried to prevent the Pentagon from fighting a war, how can the gold owners not be disappointed?

Third, Trump must be thinking: why is the world against me? Of course, hate and love are not without a reason, the reason why Trump will be the “rebellious”, and what he did must be related.

It’s worth noting that the Democrats’ gold doesn’t mean Biden is a sure thing, and Hillary also had this advantage in 2016, but she lost in the end. What will determine who wins is mostly who the swing states support.

The good drama is really getting good.