Official media interviewed Hong Kong star Chow Pak Ho criticized Huang Zhifeng for fighting against the Chinese Communist Party “unfilial

In an interview, Hong Kong actor Chow Pak Ho, who had been pictured with Wong Chi Fung, said he did not agree with Wong’s philosophy and practice of asking foreign countries to sanction Hong Kong.

    Point News, which is owned by the top management of Dagong Wen Hui Group, published yesterday an interview of pro-China artist Chan Pak Cheung with TVB’s actor Chow Pak Ho and actress Kik Tsz Kiu. In the interview, Chow said he was “grateful to be Chinese” and said he was against violence, “I’m afraid to see videos of some thugs lynching people or smashing up other people’s stores.

    He also posted a photo with Wong Chi Fung on IG, which he said: “It was the end of the concert, and many guests would bring their friends backstage to take photos with the singer. I didn’t know Huang Zhi Feng at the time and wasn’t sure of his position, but as a singer, I would respect the requests of the guests and fans, so I agreed to take a photo, not expecting to cause misunderstandings later.

    The company also pointed out that they do not agree with the concept and practice of foreign sanctions against Hong Kong, “like a mother with a son noisy intercourse, there is no reason to find a segregated milk to play their own a mother, point are to reconcile with their own a mother first, listen to a mother’s words, do a filial son should be the thing.

    The company’s main goal is to provide a platform for the public to learn more about the company’s products and services. However, many Chinese netizens Zhou Baihao criticized the political stance and questioned why he performed the mainland riot.