Taiwan’s new native case of coronary heart disease, Tsai Ing-wen calls on people not to over panic

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen said on Wednesday (December 23) that after more than 250 days, a new local case of coronary heart disease has re-emerged in Taiwan. I hope people will not be overly panicked because the source of infection is clear and the relevant investigation is underway.

Tsai stressed that one case cannot negate the efforts made in the past year to prevent the epidemic, and reminded everyone that preventing the epidemic is a difficult task that requires the cooperation of the government and the people to minimize the risk. She also reminded that although Taiwan has held the epidemic for almost a year, the international epidemic is entering a very serious state, with many countries experiencing a second or even third wave of infection, and the epidemic could change at any time.

Taiwan’s central epidemic command center recently said that there was once again a new crown of indigenous cases, and the source of the infection was a New Zealand-born airliner pilot. Affected by this news, Taiwan’s stock market plunged 207 points, or 1.44%, on Tuesday.

The company also pointed out that at the critical moment of epidemic prevention, in addition to doing a good job of personal epidemic prevention, for various sources of epidemic news must also be verified, she said “experience tells us that the more transparent the information, the more effective the epidemic prevention, now the epidemic is still in control, I hope that we improve the epidemic prevention as and maintain confidence.”