Everyone can cupping? Are there any side effects of cupping? Before cupping, these 4 questions should be clarified

Cupping is a kind of therapy that uses a can as a tool to generate negative pressure by means of burning fire and pumping air, causing local bruising, to achieve the effect of relaxing tendons and revitalizing the collaterals, reducing swelling and pain. In daily life, many people will go to cupping regularly, which has become a habit. Let’s learn more about what it’s best to be able to know before cupping.

What questions do I need to know before cupping?

1: What is the use of cupping?

It is a traditional Chinese medicine method that uses a jar as a tool to create negative pressure by burning fire and pumping air to remove the air inside the jar, causing bruises to appear. It can reduce swelling and pain, move qi and promote blood circulation, as well as extracting poison and releasing fever, dispelling dampness and driving away cold. For some long time headache people, often cough asthma people, often stomach pain, can play a certain role in conditioning.

2, everyone can cupping?

Although cupping has many health benefits, but it is not suitable for everyone, before cupping must be clear about their own physique, to see if they are suitable, otherwise it will have the opposite effect. For example, people with skin allergies or skin ulcers are not suitable for cupping, or it will lead to infection, making the ulcer more serious. Pregnant women are also not suitable for cupping, especially in the waist and abdomen area, which may cause preterm miscarriage.

3、Will there be wounds from cupping?

Many people in the cupping time found blisters on the skin, in fact, this is not a wound, but some of the body’s phlegm, water in the negative pressure, through the subcutaneous tissue to stay in the skin among the phenomenon. Small blisters do not need to deal with special, do not let it infect on it, if the blisters are large, it is necessary to use sterilized needles to pierce it, apply drugs to wait for it to improve, after a period of time will be good.

4, cupping when you need to pay attention to what issues?

In addition to finding out if you are physically able to cupping first, you should pay attention to the following things before and during cupping. First, don’t cupping with an empty stomach, if you cupping with a very empty stomach, you will experience vertigo, nausea and other discomfort. Secondly, the time of cupping should be controlled. Usually it takes about 10 to 15 minutes, and if you are weak or older, you have to reduce the time on top of that. Third, after cupping, you should pay attention to keep warm, do not let the wind blow directly, or you will catch cold. Fourth, don’t take a bath immediately after cupping, or the skin will break down and lead to infection.

Cupping is not for everyone, and we want you to understand these issues before you decide to cupping. Cupping should be done at a regular physician’s office, not just anyone can handle it.