How does diabetes control blood sugar? 5 tips from your doctor to keep your blood sugar steady

There are more reasons for the occurrence of diabetes, genetic and environmental factors as well as poor lifestyle habits can lead to the development of diabetes. Diabetics need to control their blood sugar in order to avoid other complications later on, and blood sugar control should start with diet, medication and exercise, and take reasonable and effective measures to control the rise in blood sugar and ensure a healthy and stable body. What are the effective ways to help keep blood sugar stable and not rising? Let’s find out.

How do you control your blood sugar with diabetes?

1、The correct use of hypoglycemic drugs

Diabetic patients need to correctly and reasonably take glucose-lowering drugs to control blood sugar, especially patients with severe diabetes, just to control the effect of diet is not obvious, to adhere to the use of insulin and other glucose-lowering drugs, but need to use the doctor’s advice, it is best to go to the hospital regularly to check the body’s condition.

2、Control of diet

Diabetic patients’ diet management is particularly important, and an unreasonable diet can easily and easily lead to a rapid increase in blood sugar. The patient’s daily diet should control the intake of sugar, less pumpkin, sweet potatoes and other sugary foods, as well as cream cakes, drinks and other reasonable consumption, fruits should also be eaten less. The control of diet is the need for long-term adherence, high-fat and high-cholesterol food to refuse, as much as possible light drink, such as more consumption of crude fiber food, but pay attention to the diet on the nutrition of a balanced mix.

3, adhere to the exercise

Diabetic patients can stabilize their blood sugar through appropriate exercise, such as swimming, running and other forms of exercise, after aerobic exercise, can consume sugar, speed up the body’s blood circulation and metabolism, to avoid obesity. But for the body is too poor patients, is not recommended excessive exercise, every day to walk around appropriately, to promote blood circulation.

4, avoid excessive drinking

Drinking too much alcohol is not recommended for diabetics, as excessive alcohol consumption can affect blood sugar and even trigger serious complications, and it is best for diabetics who are under persistent treatment not to drink alcohol. However, in the case of blood sugar control, you can drink properly.

5、Emotional stability is most important

There are many people with the disease, affected by the condition, the mood is often bad, and even depression and other situations. Diabetic patients should maintain an optimistic attitude, positive face, do not give up on themselves, because a good mood is conducive to the control of the disease, as long as the usual adhere to the control of diet, take drugs, exercise, etc., is a very good control of blood sugar, so that it remains balanced, a good attitude of the face of the disease the most favorable method.

Diabetic patients with a mild condition can control their blood sugar through diet and exercise, and actually do not need medication. But if the disease is serious and the blood sugar is always fluctuating, you still need to use hypoglycemic drugs reasonably under the doctor’s advice, and of course diet control and exercise are also essential.