Is liver cancer “dragged” out? The liver will thank you if you insist on “3 don’t, 2 insist” after meals.

“Heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys are known as the five organs of our body, and among these five organs, there is one organ which is called the “silent” organ, and it is our liver. The main role of liver in our body is to decompose and metabolize the harmful substances in our body and maintain the balance of our body.

Is liver cancer “dragged” out? Stick to the “3 don’t, 2 insist” after meals and your liver will thank you!

1 Don’t: Don’t exercise vigorously

When we have just finished eating, the blood of our body will be concentrated in the digestive tract to help the stomach and intestines digest food, and the blood supply to the liver will be affected and the metabolism will be slowed down.

2 Don’t: Don’t smoke right away

This is because the harmful substances in tobacco and smoke need to be detoxified in the liver after entering an individual, thus increasing the burden on the liver and affecting the lipid metabolism of the liver over time, increasing the fat content in the blood, and finally leading to a series of liver problems.

3 Don’ts: don’t drink strong tea

Many people have the habit of drinking strong tea after meals, but drinking strong tea immediately after meals will cause direct damage to our liver, because tea contains a large number of tannins, which can synthesize target acid proteins with astringent effect with proteins after entering the human body, and this protein can slow down intestinal peristalsis and induce constipation, thus causing toxic substances to be unable to be eliminated from the body in a timely and effective manner, thus triggering the occurrence of liver diseases, and in serious cases, inducing the appearance of fatty liver.

If your liver is bad and your body ages first, do the following 2 things on a daily basis to support your liver, and it will thank you!

First things first: drink lots of water.

As the saying goes: “water is the source of life”, the same we liver health is also inseparable from water, timely replenishment of water, not only can promote the body’s metabolic capacity, but also to promote the secretion of glands, help digestion, absorption, while promoting the discharge of harmful substances in the body, so as to achieve the purpose of liver support liver protection. Of course, when drinking water, we can also put some liver and liver-like small plants in it, the effect will be better.

Modern research has confirmed: (zi) ganoderma lucidum, rich in selenium, ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide and more than 30 kinds of trace elements needed by the human body, often with Chinese wolfberry and astragalus together with boiled water to drink, can effectively improve immunity, inhibit the replication of hepatitis B virus, reduce transaminase and inhibit the proliferation of tumor cells, inhibit the spread of cancer cells and so on.

The second thing: sit still for 10-30 minutes after a meal

For patients with liver disease, it is not advisable to exercise immediately after eating, so it is better to sit quietly and rest for 10-30 minutes before taking a nap, taking a walk or doing other things.

This is because, the liver as our body’s main metabolic tissues, in our just after eating, our body’s blood are concentrated into the digestive tract to participate in the digestion of food activities, but only a small part of the inflow to the liver, this time to maintain proper meditation not only helps our body’s food digestion, in addition to relieve the burden on the liver, accelerate the discharge of harmful substances in the body have a very good role to help.