Focus on three aspects of summer mindfulness

According to traditional Chinese medicine, summer is fire, fire through the heart, the human body is prone to restlessness, insomnia, panic, chest tightness, shortness of breath and other symptoms. Therefore, the heart should be nourished in three ways in summer.

Nourish the heart Yang. Summer is yang, and yang is the main outlet, so it sweats a lot. People with Heart-Yang deficiency who sweat too much will experience symptoms such as panic, increased shortness of breath, coldness in the limbs, chest pain and breathlessness, pale and fat tongue, white and slippery moss, and weak and weak pulse. This can be done by making raw sun ginseng (3-5 grams) in water and drinking it instead of tea, or by taking a drink with raw pulse (consisting of ginseng or Dang Shen, maitong, schisandra, etc.).

Nourish heart yin. In summer when Yang is hyperactive, Heart-Yin is most easily depleted, so it is important to nourish Heart-Yin. Heart-Yin deficiency is a condition that occurs when the Yin Blood of the Heart is insufficient and cannot moisten the Heart, manifesting as irritation and heat in the five hearts (chest heart, two hands heart, two feet heart), dry throat and insomnia, panic and heartbeat, and red tongue. The heart yin deficiency need to pay attention to less fatigue, less sweat, eat more heart yin nourishing products, can take mai dong 3 to 5 grams, sour jujube 5 to 10 soak water to drink. You can also consume rock sugar jujube millet porridge, lily root powder or silver-ear lotus seed soup to nourish the heart yin.

Nourish Heart Blood. Heart blood deficiency mainly refers to the lack of heart blood, so that people’s brain marrow and the five organs lost in moistening and dizziness, fatigue, fatigue, white face, lip nail color pale and other symptoms, can be appropriate with astragalus, wolfberry, jujube, collared gum, angelica stew to eat, can benefit Qi and blood, nourish the heart and tranquilize the mind.