3 Best Habits for Fall and Winter Wellness

wash one’s face with cold water

The use of about 20 degrees of water to wash the face, can quickly dispel weariness, invigorate the spirit, but also promote blood circulation in the face, enhance the body’s ability to resist disease. Cold face wash can also exercise cold tolerance, through the stimulation of cold water on the face and hands, improve the adaptability of the body to the cold; on the prevention of cold and flu, rhinitis, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases, to prevent frostbite on the face and hands have a certain role.

brush one’s teeth with lukewarm water

“Brush your teeth with lukewarm water and grin your teeth.” Brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with warm water at about 35 degrees. Teeth and gums can only fine normal metabolism at this temperature. Toothpaste will foam more richly in warm water than in cold water, which is good for mouth cleaning. Gargling with warm water is good for the teeth and also helps to remove bacteria and food debris from the mouth.

hot foot bath

Chinese medicine believes that: “spring feet, Sun fixed off; summer feet, summer damp can be cured; autumn feet, lungs, moisten the intestines; winter feet, warm burned Dantian”. There are dozens of foot reflex points, corresponding to the human body’s internal organs and various organs. Before going to bed with 45 degrees -50 degrees of hot water soak feet, can promote blood circulation throughout the body, enhance the body’s defense capabilities, eliminate fatigue and improve sleep. The process of soaking to constantly add hot water, soaking time control in 15 to 20 minutes is appropriate.