The United States is expected to break its silence on the first election hearings with heated exchanges among lawmakers

Senator Ron Johnson, republican of Wisconsin and chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, chaired the December 16 election irregularities hearing.

The top U.S. legislature held its first hearing on The election issue on Wednesday, breaking the bipartisan silence on election irregularities and presenting both sides of the argument and first-hand information.

The United States Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee (Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee) on Wednesday (Dec. 16) held a presidential election in 2020 for the first time hearing “misconduct”, invited six witnesses, respectively introduces the various performance of election fraud, including temporary changes states electoral rules, increased by mail ballot illegal vote, voting machines, and blocked for counting.

The hearing also highlighted how lawmakers from both parties have sharply divided and even divided views on election irregularities. Democratic lawmakers believe that the last election was safe and that fraud was a rumor from conspiracy theorists trying to steal the results. Republican lawmakers said it was important to address what went wrong in the election and what could not be fixed this time and must be fixed in the future.

The hearing lasted three hours, with at least two Democratic senators devoting all their questioning time to Chris Krebs, the former head of the Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), who was fired by Trump and a holdover from the Obama administration.

While Democratic senators questioned whether the Trump team was spreading false information about the election, they did not directly question any of the trump team witnesses present, instead asking the former director of CISA to repeat that “this is the safest election ever.”

A member of the subcommittee, Democratic Vice presidential candidate Sen. Rita Ho of California, did not attend Wednesday’s hearing. Nor did Republican Sen. Mitt Romney.

The committee’s Republican chairman, Senator Ron Johnson, clashed with the top Democrat, Senator Gary Peters, at the December 16 hearing.

The top senators from both parties met several times

Committee chairman, republican of Wisconsin senator Ron Johnson (Ron Johnson) in the opening look ever found in a variety of election fraud, he mentioned his three fellow Democrats (warren, cloth check clowe and deng) last year also openly questioned the voting machine problem, but there was no media said, this is three conspiracy theorists, but now the question the same Johnson, was attacked by the senate democratic leaders for conspiracy theorists.

He said voting irregularities in the general election must be investigated.

Senator Gary Peters, democrat of Michigan and the committee’s vice chairman, called today’s hearing a threat to democracy that did more harm than good and “provides a platform for conspiracy theories and lies.”

Johnson and Peter then again veered from the election to the issue of Russian disinformation. ‘Top Democrats are on Hunter Biden’s computer, saying this is disinformation spread by Russia,’ Mr. Johnson said. Now it turns out that federal agencies have been investigating the Hunt case; And the past Russia investigation, which was led by Democrats for more than three years, turned out to be false.

The Democrats accuse the Republicans of trying to steal the election

Democrats retort that today a losing party is trying to steal the election, and that Biden and He received a record of more than 80 million votes in a show of public opinion.

Speaking to Democrats about public opinion, Senator James Lankford, republican of Oklahoma, said that in a December 2016 poll, 32 percent of respondents believed That Russia interfered in the US election; It was in this spirit that Congress launched a series of investigations; “Do you believe there was voter fraud in the Biden-Trump presidential election?” asked the December poll. , 46 percent of voters said yes and 45 percent said no. To be specific, 80 percent of those who supported Trump said they had committed fraud. Sixteen percent of biden voters also said they believed voter fraud had occurred.

Lankford said the hearing today was part of an effort to fix those problems later. In particular, he said, he was shocked by witness testimony that showed more than 91,000 dead people had voted in 30 states through ERIC’s system.

Senator Rick Scott, Republican of Florida, attends a hearing on election irregularities in 2020 on Dec. 16.

Republicans see a reason for the Democrats’ switch

Republican lawmakers suspect that the Democrats are now shifting their rhetoric because election results favor them.

Senator Rick Scott, Republican of Florida, used his personal experience to question that point at the hearing. Two years ago, When Scott was elected by 54,000 votes, democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer sent lawyers to challenge the result. They recounted the vote twice and settled the dispute through the courts.

‘I don’t remember a Democrat at the time saying,’ This is wrong, this is not what you should be doing, ‘ ‘Mr. Scott said. At this point, no one is complaining.

But every time Scott met with the crowd after the election, he heard complaints about the system’s unfairness. “These people all want Trump to win, and they think he lost unfairly. Because they’ve heard about what’s happening in Wisconsin, they’ve heard about what’s happening in other states, and they’re very angry about what they see as a manipulation of the whole system.” Scott said.

Both parties speak of patriotism but interpret it differently

Senator Gary Peters, democrat of Michigan and the committee’s vice chairman, said today’s hearing would do more harm than good and erode public trust, and that was unacceptable to the patriots.

Senator Josh Hawley, a Missouri Republican, also spoke about patriotism during the q&A.

He said that when he met with 30 Missouri voters yesterday, every one of them said they were disenfranchised and that their vote didn’t matter because the election was rigged.

“These are normal, rational people.” Holly said. ‘These people cannot accept the results of the election because they have seen everything that has happened,’ he said.

Four years after Russia, Democrats and the media came back to tell the public that the election was not fake and that President Trump was not actually elected.

“Four years later, the same people are now telling you, sit down, shut up, if you question the integrity of the election, you are a madman.” Holly said. “Those who voted for Donald Trump, who are concerned about fraud and integrity and abiding by the law, should not be silenced; If they ask these questions, they are unpatriotic, absolutely unbelievable, the First Amendment is the bottom line.”

He said the 74 million Americans who support Donald Trump will not shut up and that “silencing” in the United States is not a recipe for success. Meanwhile, Mr Hawley quipped that Democrats were suddenly interested in “unity”.

Three witnesses to a Congressional Misconduct hearing for the 2020 election on Dec. 16 are Trump campaign lawyers James R. Troupis(left) and Jesse Binnall(center) and Chris Krebs(right), the former CISA director fired by Trump.

Where is the public opinion? Who really wants to pay for the election

James Troupis, a Wisconsin litigator for the Trump campaign and a lawyer for The Law firm Troupis, testified that, for both Democrats and Republicans, it would be clear in the recount to see which team was willing to put the time and effort into the matter.

Within a week of the election alone, he said, 4,000 volunteers had come from all over Wisconsin, devoting their time and money to volunteer to join the recount process. He thanked the volunteers, who he said were practicing democratic freedoms.

Trupez said the reason other lawyers are afraid to represent the president is not because Trump’s charges are unreasonable, but because the legal environment has become one of silence and no big lawyer dares to bring a case on behalf of the president.

He said Trump’s post-election indictment is a sign of confidence in the justice system, but it is also clear that the left is threatening it.

Trupez said the justice system is refusing to listen to anything from Trump’s side, not because the president is being sued, but because there is a side that is bullying and intimidating them. So far, federal courts and the Supreme Court have dismissed most of the trump team’s claims not on the merits of the case but on its merits.