Is Zhai Dongsheng video so hot that Both China and the US can’t stand it? Translation uploaders receive death threats

A video of Zhai Dongsheng, deputy dean of the School of International Relations at Renmin University of China, recently went viral on Chinese and foreign social media, and the video was removed from all Chinese websites.

Zhai made the speech at the end of November at the Annual “Answer” show held by The theme was “Will China’s financial opening bring A Wolf to the door?” and the speech was broadcast live by

This year’s US presidential election is still the focus of global attention, and the Influence of the Chinese Communist Party on American politicians is a topic of much discussion.

Some say the video’s popularity is too much for both China and the U.S. because Mr. Zhai uses explicit language and personal experience to talk about the Chinese Communist Party’s influence on the inner circle of American power. Even U.S. President Donald Trump retweeted a Fox News report about the video.

It is conceivable that the video of Zhai’s speech would not have caused such a stir among Americans if it had not been uploaded to the US oil pipeline network in English.

Ms. Zheng Zeng, Chinese-American writer and we Media writer. (Photo by Samira Bouaou)

The person who translated the video of Zhai dongsheng’s speech into English and uploaded it to the US oil pipeline network is A Chinese woman named Zeng Zheng who lives in New York, USA. Ms. Zeng Zheng has a self-media program “Zeng Zheng Zhenyan” on YouTube, and published an autobiographical documentary titled “Still Waters Run Deep” describing her experience as a Falun Gong practitioner in prison in Beijing. As Zhai’s video became a sensation in the US, Zeng received death threats on The Us Twitter site.

Now the video of Zhai’s speech has shocked the United States, Zeng said, because it is a rare revelation by a senior Communist party think tank like him that the Communist Party has penetrated and influenced the core layer of POWER in the United States to such a degree that the whole world should feel the threat of the Communist Party and should be alarmed.