Left-wing Democrats have been plotting to sabotage elections with mail-in ballots for years

Supporters of President Donald Trump hold a stop Stealing Election rally in Washington, D.C. on December 12. President Donald Trump was in a helicopter overlooking the rally.

Mass mail-in ballots increase error rates and the likelihood of electoral fraud, but why are they still heavily promoted? The executive editor of The Federalist, an online magazine, wrote recently that leftwing Democratic Party promoters were knowingly trying to sabotage this year’s presidential election.

While the state electoral College went to the polls on December 14 and six Democratic electors from swing states, riddled with fraud allegations, voted for Biden, six Republican presidential electors also voted for Trump, creating two sets of independent electors.

The “safe harbor” date of December 14 and the Congressional vote count date of January 6 are only deadlines set by federal law; the only deadline set by the U.S. Constitution is January 20.

So why has this election been so fraught with allegations of fraud that it has undermined Electoral integrity and democracy in the United States? A journalist has analysed years of planning by leftwing Democrats to use this year’s Outbreak of the Communist party virus to undermine the integrity of the election by mail-in ballot.

Joy Pullmann is the executive editor of Federalist and an author. In early December, Pullman wrote an analysis of mail-order ballots in the 2020 U.S. election, noting that high error rates and the potential for cheating have created mistrust in the outcome and the democratic system, which is the real goal of some (left) Democrats: to sabotage the election.

Pullman is at the beginning of the article is pointed out that Democrats in order to reduce the trump the President won the “risk” to take a lot of “insurance policy”, 2016 is “through the door”, and “insurance policy” even Democrats in 2020, from the technology giant review comments, delete information, to a large negative news media cover biden, and refused to sharp questions to him, to the use of the communist party of China virus (wuhan virus, will be coronavirus, COVID – 19) epidemic advancing a postal vote, make the postal vote fraud and error rate range increased to can win the election. Among other things, the Democrats’ decision to declare victory in the continuing chaos they have deliberately created, and to let the media and the courts cover up their theft of the election, has led to uncertainty ahead of the election.

Pullman argues that the reason American voters are confused before, during or after the 2020 election is that this is what the Democrats have set up, and it’s all about being confused.

On November 14, about half a million people from all over the United States staged a Stop the Steal march and rally in Washington, DC.

Research: Mailing votes means more mistakes

Democrats are using the Communist virus as an excuse to force Americans to accept the flawed voting process that many Democrats have long yearned for. They plan to have 80 million Americans vote by mail in the fall of 2020, about half of the 160 million ballots projected for the 2020 presidential election.

According to federal data, the size of the postal vote in 2020 was much larger than in 2016. Pullman believes this raises the issue of election integrity. A number of studies have consistently shown that mail-in voting is more likely to go wrong than live voting.

Chuck DeVore, vice president of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, concluded in a September 2020 study that “mail-in voting lacks the safeguards that live voting provides. Votes may be lost; No voter identification required; And ballots are vulnerable to fraud, intimidation or deception.”

An article published in September 2020 in the Journal of the electoral Law (Election Law Journal) of the article explain how postal vote significantly increase the likelihood of unqualified tickets: “from the request, and then received a vote, to fill in the right, put complete votes in a confidential envelope, then inserts a formal self-addressed envelope, to write on the back of the envelope and sign the certificate of voters, even has the signature of the witness. There are many ways that mail-in ballots can leak out of the voting pipeline.”

According to the results of the US presidential election, the leading candidate in several states was overtaken by his opponent after “postal votes” were counted.

Vote-collecting makes fraud more thorough

While the drawbacks of mailing ballots are obvious, Pullman also points out that a mature process of fraud resulting from mass mailing voting is ballot collection, which California recently legalized.

Ballot collection is when workers go door-to-door to collect ballots (usually for a fee). Not only would this allow for more outright fraud by ballot stuffing, voting, altering, influencing voters and other manipulations, but it would also empower political factions to increase the number of votes as long as they had more money than other groups to collect.

“We have no systematic response to fraud, but fraud appears to be particularly difficult to control in absentee voting systems,” notes the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s 2008 report on election integrity. We can observe live voting or ‘kiosk’ voting, but we can’t do that for absentee voting.”

The study added: “Large-scale fraud has historically been a problem in the United States. In the 19th century, machine politics involved coordinated large-scale campaigns to change voting records, conduct illegal votes and destroy ballots. Such concerted action could change thousands of votes. Small-scale fraud is also a problem in a hotly contested election.” This continued until it was discovered that the mailing system had “two broad security problems: voter manipulation and tampering with voting records and counting mechanisms.”

Not only did fraud occur in the 2020 US election, Pullman said, but “Federalists” documented many cases of widespread voting fraud in 2020, including cases in Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia.

Mailing ballots increase the influence of human factors

The authors of the Journal of Electoral Law note that mailing greatly increases the likelihood that election officials will influence the ballot, either intentionally or unintentionally.

The study points out that the number of vetoes can vary widely within a state, affecting equal protection of the Constitution, which is at the centre of a Lawsuit by the Trump campaign in Pennsylvania.

The study also found an average rejection rate of more than 3 per cent for first-time ballot papers due to errors such as a lack of secure envelopes and mismatched signatures. And rejection rates for mail-in ballots could easily flip the election, Richard Pildes, a constitutional law professor and CNN analyst, noted in September. “In the recent primary, for example, nearly 4 percent of absentee ballots were rejected in Philadelphia; Kentucky 8%; Parts of New York state, 20 percent.”

In 2020, CNN claimed Biden won Pennsylvania by 81,000 votes. As the Associated Press noted in August: “If at least 3 million people in Pennsylvania vote by mail as expected on November 3, a 1 percent error rate is 30,000 votes and a 5 percent error rate is 150,000. If 4 million people vote by mail, 5 percent is 200,000 votes.”

Mr. Pullman noted that when the margin of victory in major swing states is just a few percentage points, or less than 1 percent, as it was in 2020, the error rate in mail-in ballots can easily change the outcome.

The New York Times reported in September that nearly 100,000 flawed postal ballots had been sent to New York City voters. If this happens in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada or Georgia, and many voters send back flawed ballots without noticing, it could flip the state’s presidential election.

In all of those states, Trump reportedly lost by less than 50,000 votes, with all margins of less than 1 percent, or within the range of being flipped by mass mailing vote error rates.

Perlman argues that the mail-in error rate combined with such a tight race is a victory for lawyers, not an honest vote count. That’s the Democrats’ real strategy.

On December 12, 2020, the United States held a “stop stealing election, support Trump (Trump) re-election” large march rally in Washington DC.

Democrats pushed for high error rates before the election

Pullman said the Democratic Party and related groups filed more than 300 legal cases under the pretext of the communist virus before the election and used the courts to change voting laws. Hans von Spakovsky, a lawyer, surveyed 160 pending cases in August and found that only 40 involved Republicans, many of them because Democrats had sued them.

Lawyer Von Spakovsky concluded that the Democrats’ goal was to force a full postal election or significantly increase absentee voting, while eliminating safeguards against abuse and fraud. He summed up hundreds of pre-emptive lawsuits filed by Democratic affiliates across the country as follows:

• Get rid of absentee ballot voter identification cards and witness signature or notarization requirements;

• Overturn state deadlines for returning or postmarking absentee ballots before election day;

• Nullify state laws prohibiting third-party ballot collection;

• Stop or erode signature contrast programs.

Pullman argues that all this has been shown to reduce the accuracy of elections, sometimes to the point of altering the outcome.

All of the Trump campaign’s post-election lawsuits have involved states’ widespread failure to implement security measures recommended by state legislatures’ national committees to reduce mailing errors and fraud, including: signature verification; Regular cleaning of the electoral rolls; Open and bipartisan access to all voting procedures; A “chain of custody” to secure votes; Physical security measures such as locks and cameras; Mechanisms to prevent double voting; Ballot collection is prohibited; Severe penalties for fraud and vote tampering.

The post-election lawsuits in Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania allege multiple problems in these categories, with more than 100 eyewitness testimonies.

The CPC virus epidemic is an excuse to confuse the election

According to Pullman, The Democrats are using false and exaggerated claims to stir up the Communist party virus, just as the fake “Russia gate” was their excuse to undermine the 2016 election results, so the epidemic is their excuse to undermine the 2020 election results.

On November 2nd America’s Centres for Disease Control told the public that voters infected with the communist virus could safely cast their ballots in person on November 3rd. Pullman notes that this is after Democrats spent a whole year telling courts, lawmakers and the public that this worrying situation is why we need to significantly weaken the electoral process and vote at home.

According to Pullman, the Democrats are manipulating one message after another, and their ultimate goal is to undermine democracy by undermining the election and discrediting its outcome. “It is depressing that about half the country now does not believe that the election results we are told are the true result of the voters’ intentions,” she wrote. You know what? They were right.”